Sunday, June 24, 2012

My sister sent this delicious link to a reprise of Saturday’s big game.

I spoke to Rachel last night. She had – was still having – a nice birthday, but didn’t get the present we sent first class on Thursday. I had been looking forward to her pleasure in it.

Thanks for the link to Stephen Colbert, Theresa. Presumably I could find some of him on YouTube? Did he ever do anything about the Ravelympics, to earn his socks?

And thanks for the video about the crochet cast-on, Judith.  I should have thought that there would be such things somewhere. I have added the link to my lengthening electronic list of sock-y things-to-do. Next must be Judy’s Magic Cast-On, but next after that, the crochet chain. At a very cursory glance, Candace’ revolutionary socks (which require a provisional cast-on) look similar to the short-row toes & heels in other sources. It will be fun to tease out the differences.

Part of the delight of this project is studying similarities and differences – the taxonomy of sock-knitting. Pairing up the Strong and the Fleegle heels was a great moment. So far, the Sweet Tomato seems to be in a class by itself.

I tried Alexander’s sock on my husband, and it fits snugly, a great comfort. So I have recovered the stitches and should, even allowing for the usual Sunday inertia, get somewhere near the ribbing today. 


  1. When you say that the Tomato heel is in a class by itslef - it is because of ease in doing it, way it looks??? I downloaded the instructions with the first segment of the book, but have never tried it. The regular short row heel is fairly easy for me and I never have to look at directions. Is the tomato heel better?

  2. loved the monty python clip, not seen this one but have to say will be sharing it with footie mad friends later today

  3. How Cobert got involved--

  4. Barbara M. In NH8:24 PM

    Wow! I hate typing on an iPad, without proper keyboard....typos are just too easy. that should be a callow teenager, and I apologize for all the other errors. I used to be an English teacher, and typos still humiliate me!