Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we are, about to leave for Strathardle and the dining room ceiling about to come down. I am anxious and depressed, needless to say. Some sunshine would help. But everything seems to be about as much in order as it could be under the circumstances. Alexander will be here tomorrow evening, remaining until Thursday afternoon when we should get back.

I spent a moment yesterday rolling up the rugs between the front door and the dining room, and stowing them out of the way. They leave behind an emptiness which, added to the now long-standing emptiness of the dining room, my husband and I find unexpectedly delightful. Maybe we need to go off and be anchorites.

Lisa R-R, write to me at the address in the sidebar. Income tax is far too delicate a subject to discuss in public, and I have never mastered that trick of adding comments of my own to particular comments. I need to get back to that one.

On the principal topics of life, there is not much to say. I finished off my sister’s socks, and hope I will post them from K*rkmichael, where access to a post office is a good deal more convenient than it is here. Alexander’s first toe progresses nicely.

Suzanne, thanks for the link to the video about square needles (comment yesterday). I did some Googling just now – all comments are enthusiastic. Somebody called Kollage (new to me) makes square metal needles, including circulars with a soft cord, ideal for magic loop-ery.

Fishwife, thanks for the help on mushroom compost. My husband tends to disparage such expenditure, believing that plants should be made to get on with their lives without coddling. I agree on the whole, but vegetables are a bit different. I’ll find a way.

Our soil, although basically sandy when it has to be classified, has been much improved over many years before ever I started scratching around. I don’t think lime would leech out too quickly. But it is another factor to consider, undoubtedly.

Back here Friday, insh’Allah.

Which reminds me – Pakistani mangoes are in season. Not in your supermarket, either. You need a corner grocer. 


  1. Safe travels, and I hope you return to everything as it should be. We have been living Ina much emptier living room dining room while work is being done, and I have grown to like it. I do one a carpet back, though. There is a bit of disagreement on that. I've never heard of mushroom compost, I'll have to look for it.

  2. Leslie Bagatelle1:53 PM

    Don't order any collage until you try them. The cord is so soft that it hangs from the needles in such a way that you are constantly having to push the yarn back to the tips. The Option Cubics have a much more usuable cord.

  3. I do believe that mangos in season from the corner shop may be what I miss most about living in the U.K. My late father in law used to say that a perfectly ripe mango ought to be enjoyed with a glass of champagne... in the bath!

  4. I hope your week is filled with sunshine, and when you return to Edinburgh it will be to a home that is fully repaired.

    I got my first set of square needles a couple months ago and I love them. They are Knitter's Pride Cubics. I wonder if it is the same thing you have, just with a different name on this side of the Atlantic?

    Those mangoes are simply The Best. I have one sitting on my counter right now. The more common mangoes pale in comparison.

  5. I bought a pair of Kollage square circular needles before trying them and it was a mistake. I'm not a square needle person; until knitting with them, I didn't realize I roll/turn the needles when knitting. I couldn't stand using them and ended up giving them to a friend.

    But I also agree with Leslie - I did not like the cable at all. Kollage are pricier needles so you'll want to test drive them before investing in them.