Sunday, November 17, 2013

17079 steps yesterday – four times my usual total! We walked half of the Pencaitland Railway Walk, doing about seven miles in all. We’ll have to do something more challenging next time. A walk isn't a walk without the potential for taking a wrong turning. The railway existed mostly for getting coal to market – we saw stones marking the demise of at least six pits along the way. Nothing to do with Mrs Thatcher – they closed in the 50’s or 60’s, some earlier.

I was flagging at the end, and am stiff this morning – but I did it. All those expended calories had no effect whatsoever on this morning’s weigh-in. Patience, patience.


Dawn, I should have thanked you yesterday for your most kind offer to translate the Veenstra introduction. Will the book open far enough to allow legible copying? I won’t take you up on it yet, life is too frot with little tasks. But I will keep your offer on mental file, for the weeks when the light begins to come back. It goes on for several pages, I must warn you.

Patience has guessed what my Sensible Christmas Project is going to be, from the ad on p. 77 of the new IK. The extraordinary thing is, if you go to the advertised website and click through to the item specifically advertised, what do you find? Top of the list? Out of alphabetical sequence? This must be kismet. Maybe Camas Creek is in….


Life gets exciting today. Alexander and his family are planning to call in at midday, making a loop on their way to Murrayfield. They are ardent rugby followers. Their team is Glasgow Warriors, who do well. But they also, often, come over here to watch the national team. The Little Boys have never seen Scotland win, and I don’t think they’re going to break their duck today.

Archie was meant to be here too. He’s having an exeat – a long weekend – planned for spending with his other grandmother. But he was ill on Friday morning, and cancelled the trip south. He was perfectly fine, he said, when he phoned here on Friday afternoon, and we made plans for his spending today with us. However, the same pattern recurred yesterday (undulant flu?) and we can’t risk exposing my husband (88 on Tuesday, with bad lungs) to any unnecessary risk. That’s sad, both for Archie and for me.

It’s time I did something about replacing this slowcoach of a computer. I hope Archie will be well enough to meet me in John Lewis’s computer department tomorrow. The idea is to buy an external hard disk at the same time, which will be Archie’s once the data transfer is complete.

This afternoon Thomas-the-Elder and Lucy will arrive, the central figures in the Wedding of Twenty One Fourteen. And we’ll inspect the Princess shawl. I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, but if Lucy’s verdict is favourable, I’ll try to get one today with the shawl in her hands.

I probably won’t write tomorrow, as they’re staying the night.


I did a bit more, yesterday evening. All went well.


  1. I must say I took a look at the ad on page 77 and got an idea. Fun project. I am thinking about a new computer but the prospect of the transition process is daunting.

  2. about a new computer - i had to replace mine 5 yo with great reluctance and only because it had a fried motherboard from an unexpected power outage (and yes it was plugged into a power surge strip).

    anyway it took me over a month to reconcile to having to buy the win 8 OS... i reallllllllllly didnt want it but no one sells win7 in the store and even online its hard to find and i really didnt want to build one. (i actually had purchased win 7 pro this summer to update from win 7 home).

    i finally relented (the 10yo laptop i was using was really painful) and after much searching found a good deal at B* B* and trekked over there on Friday - i immediately upgraded to win 8.1 and following the instructions (google for "start win 8.1 from desktop which shows you how to avoid the METRO touch desktop). i have to say that i am happy with this purchase. i got 1tb drive and 8gb RAM - as such its the most powerful PC i have had as a home machine .

    of course its been two and a half days of reinstalling and configuring endlessly (but i have a lot of programs) however, all is smooth.

    good luck with your purchase!

    1. Thanks for this, and for Mary Lou's above. We're all agreed on hating Windows 8. If I buy a new computer today -- I'm meeting Archie in the John Lewis computer dept at 12:30 -- I will spend the extra money to have a Nice Young Man from John Lewis come here and transfer and configure.

  3. I am amazed at the length of your walks. I don't think there is any way I could walk seven miles and I'm 10 years younger than you.

  4. I read your blog each day and I like hearing about your happenings....great job on your walk...I need a pedometer

  5. Hello Jean,
    Good job on your walk! I know the feeling of getting a personal best on the pedometer. My company participates each year in the Global Corporate Challenge ( The main point is to move more than you were, but they recommend 10,000 steps a day for health. An office worker that drives to work and doesn't do any other exercise does about 3000 steps a day (I can confirm that :) ). The key is to set a daily (or weekly average) target that is appropriate for you, and if you haven't reached it by a certain time, go for a walk up the street and back. It is also possible to march on the spot while ironing and washing dishes. Anyway the pedometer is a great stimulus and as the Dutch say "meten is weten" literally measuring is knowing or the numbers tell the tale.
    Regarding your weightloss when you stop drinking cider, I wonder if it is fluid loss. It seems quite a lot to lose in a short space of time, perhaps you retain water when you drink cider.
    All the best

  6. Well done on the walk! Sounds like a very interesting jaunt. It's too bad Archie wasn't well enough for his visits but it's wise to be cautious.

    Looking forward to seeing the Princess on Lucy.

  7. Ruth in Ontario, Canada5:50 PM

    Dear Jean - I am sure you meant Twenty Fourteen for the wedding...otherwise not many of us will be around to hear about it :).

  8. =Tamar10:18 AM

    Walking isn't necessarily just for weight loss. The exercise may build a bit of muscle. Since muscle weighs more than fat for the same size, it may seem like there has been no change. However, there should eventually be a reduction in size if not weight. Also, I'm told that muscle also burns more calories, so eventually it should result in the desired lower numbers.