Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Today is Hellie Ogden’s birthday. She’s Rachel’s elder daughter and I can’t even tell you exactly how old she is. It is only this year that I noticed that all four of my children produced a child of their own in the 15 day period between October 30 (Archie) and today. In different years, of course. I don’t think there is anything to be concluded from that fact.

Great news: I did that embroidery on the Silly Christmas Project, and it’s looking good. Not that it’s particularly good embroidery, but that it does the job – the eye accepts it at once for what it’s meant to represent. Three separate tasks: lettering, the free-hand rendering of a small object, and outlining. How I wish I could show you a picture! There will be plenty in the end.

That leaves the loose ends to deal with (there are lots of those). Then I must cut pieces of the acetate stiffener to fit, and finish assembling the whole, and stuff it, with the stiffener inside. Mercifully, it doesn’t have to be attached. The stuffing is meant to hold it in place. And finally, put the lid on, with a separate piece of stiffener of its own.

All that I am confident I can do. I have crossed the pons asinorum and am gambolling about on the farther shore!

And I touched base, again, with the other two projects.

I have lots of cheerful news about patterns this morning, too. Kate Davies has a new pattern out, called Firth o’ Forth, combining the best features of a shawl and a cardigan, with a delicious stitch pattern to boot.

And Jared has produced a new Look Book, No. 6. Wonderful photography, as always. It makes me homesick for a dream America. And wonderful patterns, too. I am particularly taken with a heavy shawl/lap robe/bedspread called Tree Rings – a pi shawl.

And – this is entirely your fault, Else, for that encouraging comment yesterday – I ordered Carol Sunday’s Oak Park scarf kit. It’s been at the back of my mind ever since I saw it some weeks ago. I revisited the website this morning – the clincher was the discovery that there is enough yarn in the kit for two scarves.

I’ve sort of run out of people on the Christmas list who might like a great big (red) scarf. But then I thought, Nov-Dec-knitting-to-cheer-me-up doesn’t need to result in a Christmas present. It could be a birthday present for someone in ’14. Or it could just be a scarf, to cheer me up.

We’d better have pictures of Rams & Yowes and Milano tomorrow, since the Silly Project is out of bounds.


  1. Donice11:17 AM

    I just saw the new Wool People yesterday, and Tree Rings is exactly what captured me, too. I haven't tried Shelter yarn yet, and have lots of stash, but that seems like a case of perfect match of color and pattern, especially given the name.

  2. who wouldn't want that scarf? It looks like a lovel knit as well, lots of colors to keep the stockinette knitter entertained. I like the look of the Kate Davies sweater but I will be interested in seeing how it looks on a range of humans.

  3. After reading about how much you love Milano, I ordered Oak Park, and loved it so much that I promptly ordered Milano.

    And having only yesterday quit my day job (it was only part time) to stay at home more with my 82-year-old mother-in-law, I should have more time to knit. Getting old is a trip -- and not always a pleasant journey.

  4. skeindalous2:37 PM

    I love it when your blog posts make me look up something! 'Bridge for Asses', indeed.

  5. My grandchildren are all helpfully spaced two years apart. I can usually remember how old one of them is and can then work out the others.

    I've been following your example with a pedometer and realise that my present circumstances are turning me into a couch potato! I can only achieve the recommended number of steps when I have a respite afternoon and the weather is kind enough for me to get out and walk.

    I'm rather taken by Trestle in Jared's latest book but I don't need any sweater's right now. On the other hand, that cardigan cum shawl looks interesting.

    I'm glad your new cleaner is proving as invaluable as the last. Does she have any Polish friends who are carers and might give you a hand with your husband's needs? The Polish guy who sits with my husband on two nights a week is the most well-trained and pro-active in his care.

  6. MIlissa5:00 PM

    Two words on your family's timing (since my birthday, my mother's birthday, and my great-grandfather's birthday all fell on 11/12) - Valentine's Day ;>)

  7. That is a very nice scarf - in the kit - i don't feel any guilt at all for suggesting a red project !
    enough red to light up those dark November days i so well remember (i lived most of my life in the Netherlands, and now in the Bay Area, CA)