Thursday, November 14, 2013

I have little to report, but at least can offer illustrations. Today's excitement is taking my husband to the dr's office for some "bloods" -- sounds trivial, will occupy the whole morning.

I’ve just started knitting the second set of rams’ heads upside down, and am finding it unexpectedly difficult. Things should get better.

And here is my beloved Milano/Relax3, from the front.

Three projects at once is at least one too many, but the Silly Christmas Project now doesn’t need quite so much concentration, so I divided the time more equally yesterday. The SCP has had most of its loose ends dealt with, and has been pinned together. I’ve cut the acetate stiffeners. The acetate isn’t nearly as stiff as I expected. I wonder if I’ve got the right stuff.

Ivy, I was delighted to hear that you’ve got Milano – and the Oak Park scarf as well. Your mother-in-law is very lucky indeed to have you at home with her. And you’re absolutely right, about old age.

Carol Sunday runs the only American (yarn) website I have ever seen which warns British purchasers that they are likely to have to pay VAT at 17.5% and be charged £8 for the Post Office’s trouble on top of that. Full marks to CS!

Helen’s husband David sent this from Thessaloniki this morning – he spotted it as he was walking to work. It is heartening to know that Greece, for all its troubles, has time and strength – and yarn! – for a spot of bombing.


  1. Hope the trek to get the blood tests done went ok. Have you tried asking for a home visit for your husband? If it's taking up the whole morning and wearing you both out getting there then I think you meet the criteria for needing a home visit. (and if you don't ask you'll never know)

  2. I believe that acetate comes in different thicknesses.

    A while ago, my sister did some stencilling and found that old x-rays from her local vet were just the right thickness for templates. It mattered little that Fido's broken tibia was on the acetate already.

    If you need more stiffness, perhaps plastic canvas (used to teach young ones needlework) might suffice?