Sunday, November 03, 2013

I’m putting on weight again. Cider will have to be curtailed.

Not much time this morning. Zite came up with Ella Gordon’s blog – she works for Jamieson & Smith, for Heaven’s sake. So first I had to endure the slowth of this computer to add her to my Feedly list, then to order the Guide to the Shetland Museum Textile Collection which she mentions – if they had had it in the museum shop, I’d have had it already.

But after all that, here I am.

And knitting proceeded well enough yesterday. Here are the Rams & Yowes – another 20 or 21 rounds will bring me to the centre point of the patterned part. It looks awfully small, but I think that will change when it is sliced open and edged.

And the comforting Milano glides forward. I’ve done five of the twelve underarm increases.

And I knit a whole other part of the Silly Christmas Knitting. I meant only to cast it on and get started, but there is a horrible fascination to this sort of thing, and I finished it. There are ten parts to knit in all, two now done -- some so small that they’ll be done in minutes, others needing an hour or more. And then comes embroidery, assembly including stiffening with acetate, and stuffing. This is madness


  1. Your Rams and Yowes is looking great! Ella is the lovely lady who helped me that day we were at J&S. I'm fairly certain she would have been the person to ring through your order too. As for the Guide to the Shetland Museum Textile Collection, I bought a copy when we were there and I thought you had as well. It's a fairly thin book if that helps you in your hunt for it.

  2. I forgot to say that if you find the book you probably have time to cancel your order before it gets shipped.

  3. Leslie B2:13 PM

    I must have missed it - but is the rams and yoewes a baby blanket? Will you line the wrong side when you are finished? If I have another drandchild, I might consider it. It is looking great!