Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nothing, I fear, this morning.

The new Polish cleaner is even more of a fiend than the previous one. Polish Cleaner No. 1 played volley ball for Scotland in her spare time. This one, evenings and weekends, cleans offices. Two hours once a week with her will soon put us to rights.

I have sewed (sewn?) the three little pieces of the Silly Christmas Project in place. It took longer than I expected. They look well. Even my husband, who has been dubious every step of the way, thinks they look well. So, today, embroidery. I wonder if I can find a swatch lying about that I could practice on.

And I wonder if I should start with the difficult bit – the lettering that I am worried about? Get that right, or near enough, and the rest falls into place.

I did only one round of Rams & Yowes yesterday, and not much Milano, but at least I touched every base.

The SCP will be made or broken in the next fortnight, at the worst. That would leave time for another piece of Christmas knitting if I want to attempt it. What? Someone whose blog popped up on Zite this morning thinks that people would like Arne&Carlos Christmas tree baubles. I’m dubious, when it comes to my list, fond as I am of A&C.

(Why don’t they publish a sweater book? I finally had the wit to look on Ravelry, and, sure enough, there are a few sweaters there, published by good old Dale.)

Anyway, I don’t want anything fiddly. A big red cosy scarf in Rowan Cocoon or Thick ‘n’ Thin is more the thing.


  1. When I was a child and after my grandmother retired, she would invite Polish ladies (maybe relatives) to come to the States to work. They would help her with the farm and my grandmother would drive her around to my grsndmother's friend and the Polish woman would clean their houses. This lasted all summer long. They worked very hard to obtain money. When it was time ti leave my grandmother took the women to the store and with the money they earned they bought blue jeans. My grandmother told me that by selling the jeans on the black market they were able to double or triple the money they earned working over the summer. Your story reminded me of a childhood memory.

  2. Gerri3:09 PM

    Unless you find a swatch to practice on, I would vote for doing the easier embroidery first. It lets me get a handle on how things behave, and then I do the more challenging.

    Having said that, you obviously know yourself best and what will work for you.

    On the A&C baubles: no,they are not shiny, which is the prereq for most tree ornaments in my family. I felt they were well received by some 20+yo nieces and nephews who are starting out in their own households. I think it really was the fact that the time was spent doing it for them. I also thought about them each as I picked a design. We'll see how bauble two goes this year! The first was 2yrs ago-Christmas alternating cities/families.

  3. some nice quick red warm knitting is just the thing for this time of year! cheerful, warm and cozy, and not fiddly (so it can be done in the evenings)!

  4. =Tamar10:27 PM

    Shiny ornaments are classic, but there are times when having some unbreakable ones is a good thing.