Friday, November 22, 2013

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. It's one I'm always glad to miss – too much celebrating too near Christmas. But it's a lovely holiday, for being happy and thankful with family and friends without anything else except football and the washing-upl. You don't have to give them anything, or even go to church.

And today we can think abut JFK. I watched a New Theory program the other night. Interesting, but not very likely. It didn't even mention the Grassy Knoll, although we actually heard one of the witnesses say that the President's head snapped back when one of the bullets hit.


The external hard drive works fine with the new computer, so that's OK. For the moment, at least, I need Old Slowcoach for recording my morning weigh-in and for balancing bank statements, so I have now set the two machines up at opposite ends of the room. (Figures from past Lents indicate that the third week of abstinence from cider – that's where we are now – is when real results begin to show. And sure enough.)

I was tempted yesterday to just go ahead and order Laplink for the transfer of data and programs to the new computer. but it makes sense to wait until I have talked to Alexander and Ketki. A Man might have the advantage that he could be induced to promise in advance that he could move programs over, not just data, and not have to be paid at all if he failed. Maybe.


All's well. I might even achieve a double today, by finishing Chart C in the middle of the Rams & Yowes blankie, and finishing the back of Milano/Relax3.

It's time some of my November stash-enhancement turned up, the Carol Sunday scarf and the Sensible Christmas Project.

ProvisionalKitchener, I was interested in your anxieties about the pattern CustomFit produced for you. CustomFit is high on my mental list for 2014. Herzog herself has illustrated at least a dozen sweaters which are said to have emerged from the system, on a good range of body shapes. But what we want is independent testers.

There's a Ravelry group, I find, with 1600 members or so. Herzog herself is there, of course, but there is a lot of independent stuff, including a thread from a poor soul who hasn't been able to achieve her own gauge. An illustration, perhaps, of what the counsels of perfection often advise, to wash the swatch as you eventually will the garment. I've never done it, but maybe this time I will.

People sound enthusiastic – especially about the fact that the row gauge in the pattern now matches reality. I'm clearly not the only knitter in the world for whom that never happens.


Here is a this-week picture of my great-nephewTed LeC in Washington, aged three weeks. He's clearly doing well. I may have to accelerate Rams & Yowes – he won't want it in a DC summer and by next winter he'll be too grown-up to be pushed about in a pram under a blankie.


  1. Surely next winter he will use that blanket to sit on and be read to?

  2. Thanksgiving is a week from now.

  3. And I bet it will become his favorite snugly as he gets bigger!

  4. Yes, you are a week early with your Thanksgiving wishes.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Baby photos are so cheering! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. DC summers are hot- A/C is often cold for babies, blankets are good in summer too! ;o

    Celebrating the birth of BRITTEN today admist the death remembrances. Live Concert from Aldeburgh tonight (afternoon in us).

    customfit is intriguing ... i am with you - after the presents are done.

    will be interested to hear your family's take on the comptuer.

  7. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. I know they're heartfelt even if a little early. ;)

    Best wishes in resolving your computer issues. Darn those upgrades!

  8. Lots of small children are wrapped up in blankets in their push chairs here, running the whole gamut of push chair ages from tiny babies to can't-quite-walk-this-far-yets so I shouldn't worry too much and blankets have lots of other uses (a sheepy den under some chairs etc.?)
    Amused by what you say about Mac vs. Microsoft in families - in mine my family use Microsoft and my uncle and his family all swear by Macs.