Friday, August 29, 2014

I had a grand time delivering Archie to school yesterday. I do like that place (Merchiston Castle). The sun was shining and there was a sense of friendly familiarity all around, and at the same time a sense of authority on the one side and of respect for it, on Archie's. The VIth form building is a modern one whose existence I had never previously suspected. It could almost serve as a Premier Inn, with private rooms and en suite facilities for all. Maybe they do conferences in the summer.


I am making progress with the Rams and Yowes border, but rather glumly. The circumference seems huge. There are nine stripes, each of four rounds. I counted up the other evening and easily discovered that I have 13 more stripes to do, four more going outwards, then a fold round and all nine again, going back inwards. At my present rate of about two rounds per evening – that is, two evenings per stripe – it will take me 26 days to finish the border. That's nearly a month.

Then those many, many stitches have to be sewn down on the inside. Then a bit of tidying and loose-end securing. Then blocking. Then a final applied i-cord around the periphery. That could be omitted if I'm desperate, but it makes a very nice finish. Add it all up and we're getting perilously near the baby's first birthday on October 30.

(Kate D. says to do the i-cord by picking up 924 stitches around the blanket and then doing an i-cord bind off. No thanks. I've done applied i-cord before – it's not as tedious as it sounds – and I know it's easier than that. I can't remember exactly how it's done, but I know where to look to find out.)

So from now on:

a) I will try hard to do more than two rounds every evening, I achieved it yesterday.

b) I will not even think about the Unst Bridal Shawl. My husband has another dental appt today, because his new falsies are proving very uncomfortable. I will grit my teeth and take Rams and Yowes along.

c) But if I should suddenly be diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I will throw those sheep aside and finish the shawl.

I had a good time looking at patterns with Archie. We have tentatively chosen a simple one with a tab opening at the neck, from the book called Sweaters Men Want. I had a few hours of thinking seriously about the Swedish one in Pagoldh's book – Archie didn't like the neck, but that could be changed. But then I decided that what I don't want right now is another Major Project. I have finished only one thing in 2014 – the Milano-striped Relax, for Helen. I want action.

I could always stripe the pattern we have chosen, perhaps dark green on grey. Two rows green and then four grey?

Tamar, thank you for your archive work on the Grandson Sweater. A little googling produced abundant sources for Norwegian yarn in a most tempting range of qualities and colours.


  1. Purl Bee has a tutorial for the much easier "attach as you go" I-cord:

  2. Goodness that school accommodation sounds way better than my sister's boarding school!

  3. When I have to sew down a collar, I do it as I bind off: bind off two, then bind off the next stitch through the garment. By the time I'm done, I'm done!

  4. Anonymous11:32 PM

    If the sweater for Archie can be 'any colour so long as it is grey' perhaps you might knit stripes in light, medium and dark grey? This can be very effective and either 'striking' or subtle according to the shades chosen.
    Whatever you and Archie decide, I shall enjoy reading about it.