Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm having a terrible time with this computer this morning – a constant stream of pop-ups from McAfee saying that a potentially unwanted program has been blocked. I have to keep stopping to click on Yes, Do Block It. Pop-up ads everywhere. "Java" wanting me to download a new version. Chaos.

There's not much time anyway, as I am about to go on a walk with our niece. (3 1/2 miles -- am I strong enough?) We're going to Roslin Glen, the site of the famous chapel. Indeed, I think the much-misused word “infamous” might be appropriate here, ever since Dan Brown catapulted that architectural curiosity into world fame. We'll view it from the outside this time.

I think I forgot to tell you that Archie says that the dog that bit his mother is fine – i.e., not rabid. Tomorrow his father David and brother Mungo will be here and I'll hear more details.


I got around Rams and Yowes a full three times yesterday, thanks to half an hour in the dentist's waiting room. I doubt if I'll do as well today but at least should finish the seventh stripe, of nine. I think this border must resemble the which-square-is-bigger? puzzles one sees from time to time. That is, looking at pictures of the finished article, the border seems relatively trivial compared to the knitting which must have gone into the centre. But – even setting aside the fact that it is knit double – that doesn't seem to be true. I might even do the arithmetic in an idle moment – how many actual stitches?

Helen (comment yesterday), I like the idea of grey-on-grey stripes for Archie. Indeed, I wonder why I didn't think of it. I think this sweater may actually happen.


  1. My cousin got married in Rosslyn Chapel a few years ago, before they put heating in - it was the coldest January wedding I've ever been to!

  2. Being an Apple girl, I haven't used MacAfee, but I heard mutterings and worse from the PC user in my house this week. He removed MacAffee and put in something else that he finds less irritating? Avast? Hope you have a lovely walk.