Saturday, August 16, 2014

Not much to report.

Knitting moves forward well on Rams&Yowes, however. I've finished the first border stripe, white, and moved on to gaulmogot. Attention is currently concentrated on getting the stitch count identical on opposite sides. This is being recklessly done with judicious k2togs on the side with more stitches. Recklessly: maybe I should be adding stitches to the other side, but I feel we've got an awful lot of stitches – although fewer than Kate Davies specified – and reduction is to be preferred.

All the while increasing at the corners, of course.

I'm working on the sides first. When I'm sure that they are perfectly equal, I'll turn my attention to top-and-bottom. This is all a bit sloppy.

I was right, that the knitting is much pleasanter now that only one colour is involved at a time. Purling is not quite as much fun as knitting, but not too bad. I do need another needle, though. I have nothing between 80cm (not long enough) and the new, super-long 150cm one. I'm using that one after all and pushing the stitches resolutely around. Attempts to use two needles failed as (predictably) point protectors fell off and stitches disappeared off the far end of the needle as fast as I knit them onto the other end.

I'll order a 100cm number and see how I get on with that.

So, another day with no Unst Bridal Shawl. I'll have to give some thought as to how to integrate it into my new life.

Kate Davies has written an interesting article, both historical and practical, on steeking. Brilliantly illustrated, of course.

I had a bit more to say, about Stephen West's new collection and the autumn edition of Twist Collective (too much negative ease for my taste) but the computer keeps freezing and I'm tired of it all. I heard the man who invented pop-up ads on the radio this morning, He apologised.


  1. I'm surprised he would allow his name to be used! I read an article in the New Yorker once about the woman who developed PowerPoint and how sorry she was. I think of that everytime I sit in a meeting with horrible PowerPoint slides.

  2. Oh Jean, you made me laugh this morning. Decreases and increases, indeed.