Sunday, August 10, 2014

I polished off the central square of the Rams & Yowes yesterday, and cut the steek this morning. On the needles, it seemed a long, narrow-ish tube but the result is a fairly satisfactory square. So today's jobs are (a) to apply a bit of steam; (b) knit a garter stitch swatch; and (c) determine whether the longest needle I have in the appropriate size is the longest available and if not, order from dear Meadow Yarns.

I might as well ask the same question of the needle needed for the Queen Ring Shawl, which I hope to knit edging-inwards.

So, not much Unst Bridal Shawl yesterday but I did finish one bump. I must keep picking away at it – it saves a tremendous amount of time and stress to have the edging pattern memorised, no peering at charts. If I don't use it, I'll lose it.

Ellen, thank you for the pointer to the Rene pattern. I like it, and will certainly include it on Archie's short list.

Laura, thank you for confirming my memory (in most respects) of that lunch scene in Busman's Honeymoon. And congratulations on getting to Iceland, and on setting in that zipper. That's one of the things I can't do. Yours looks perfect.

Sunday presses. Not my favourite day.


  1. Jean: The blanket looks fabulous. Your work is so inspiring. If a Fair Isle vest is still under consideration, how about Machrihanish, the one Kate Davies did for her husband recently? Sue

  2. the blanket is truly gorgeous already!

    waiting for the live stream from Glyndebourne to start (1 minute) probably the only way i will ever see opera there

  3. Blanket looks great!

  4. A little horn tooting that might solve your Archie dilemma: my Honest Woodsman in Interweave's new Enchanted Knits, which I worked in Tosh Vintage. Manly, lots of interest for the knitter, but in the right colorway subtle enough for the wearer. Just a suggestion :)