Thursday, August 14, 2014

Today is Alistair's A-Level day, as I thought. He hopes to do computer science at Glasgow University, my own alma mater, or one of them. No news yet.

Alexander agrees with you, JeanfromCornwall, that my mysterious plant isn't knotweed. He says that knotweed has pretty well finished growing for '14 so it was hard for him to find anything like a young shoot to compare, but he doesn't think the leaf shape is right. He suggests an alder, an idea my husband pooh-pooh's. It must, if not knotweed, be a little tree of some sort, however. We will nurture it carefully. We like trees.

Thank you for the birthday wishes (and more on Facebook). My dears, BRANDON MABLY wished me Happy Birthday! Now I'm 81. It's just like being 51, inside, but one is weaker, weaker. I'm also two years older than my husband's sister got to be. She died of cancer in March, 2011. All through our long acquaintance, she was two years older than I was and now the position is reversed and it seems odd.

I got my replies to the wedding invitation written, both formal and informal. Mary Lou, I nearly added the words “There'll always be an England” yesterday when I mentioned the 5:30 wedding breakfast, but then I wondered if enough of you were hardened old-time New Yorker readers to understand. It's obviously a throwback to the Old Days, religiously, when bride and groom and wedding party would have had to be fasting in order to receive communion at the wedding Mass. Some prompt food at the party would have been essential.

And, thinking it through, I decided to eschew this one, although it's a shame to miss the speeches. If my husband can be persuaded to go, we have promised him he doesn't have to eat in public. His hands are swollen with rheumatism and he is clumsy. He can skulk in his room and be brought delicious tidbits. So it seemed easiest -- certainly for the organisers -- if I planned to leave at that point myself, if I am alone, and head for the station.


I picked up the stitches from the top of the Rams & Yowes centre, the cast-off edge. It was tough going and I stopped when I got to the corner. It was sufficiently tough that I think it would be prudent to count stitches, top and bottom, before I go on, just to see how close I got. If all is well, I should finish the picking up today. The new needle, 150cm long, is a great help.

And I did a little more Unst Bridal Shawl edging. The dental appt was so promptly kept and so brief that not much was achieved there.

Today is a pick-up-pills-at-Boots day. I think I will allow myself the new Rowan book, at least I will if there is something better inside than that alarming cover picture.

There are some good links in the Knitty Blog – news of the Glasgow University Knitter-in-Residence; the huge Abertiefi Cardigan; and a race between a sheep and a cyclist.

Breaking news: Alistair got his place at Glasgow!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday wishes from Downunder - is it really a year since your 80th? It seems much less.
    And very pleased to hear the exam results landed Alistair a place.

  2. KarenE11:35 AM

    Belated birthday wishes to you, and congratulations to Alistair. It's always a relief when hard work pays off with the desired result.

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations to Alistair.

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Best wishes for a very happy birthday!
    I hope all of the grandchildren's exam results meet their goals.

  5. Happy Birthday - I am now two years older than my mother ever was, and it feels strange. After I wrote my comment, I thought about my parents wedding and breakfast then party back at the house because of needing to fast before communion. These days the 5:30 the next morning might be more likely! And Brandon Mably is a fanboy? Cool.

  6. More belated birthday wishes to you, Jean, from Western New York. And heartiest congratulations to Alistair!

  7. A very happy birthday to you, Jean. The years fly by all too quickly. And to Alistair - congratulations. A young man I taught here in Mexico is doing graduate work at that university.
    Ron in Mexico

  8. Belated Happy Birthday to EWE.

  9. Happy Birthday! And congratulations Alister!

    It is odd getting older than someone who was older than you, I feel that way about my friend Amy, I'm now 4 years older than she ever was, despite being born 18 months after her.

  10. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Another belated happy birthday to you, and congratulations to Alistair!
    -- stashdragon

  11. happy birthday! Goodness - that year has flown by! And I hope Alistair got his grades :)

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Many Happy Returns of your Birthday Jean.

    Try a parthenocarpic courgette next year - no males required! I've had success this year with Parthenon which I got from D. T. Brown.