Sunday, August 31, 2014

You're right, Mary Lou, that something will have to be done about this computer. Defenistration would be too good for it. I don't know why I'm not using Norton Antivirus. I'll see if I can switch.

We had a good walk. It was a tough one. One walks downstream along the Rver Esk through the Roslin Glen, then back along farm tracks and finally tarmac'd roads to the village of Roslin itself. The distance wasn't all that far, but the going proved very hard for the first half. It is a beautiful glen, steeply wooded. The path went up and it went down and it went up again. There were seriously muddy patches where slips and falls threatened. There were fallen trees across the path. There were bits I did on my hands and knees. At the moments when we were tempted to turn back, we could only reflect, with Macbeth, that returning were as tedious as go o'er.

It was disheartening to reflect, too, that when we finally emerged from the glen, the walk would be only half over – we would be at the furthest point from the car. But in fact the second part was so easy that we floated back. We then had soup and sandwiches at a thoroughly pleasant and welcoming hotel in the village of Roslin itself. (Is it cheating to stop for nourishment before one has finished the Walk as specified in the book?) And then cantered the last half-mile or so, past the famous chapel.

It's looking very prosperous these days, with multiple car parks and a visitor centre.

I took only one picture, of the moment when we spotted Hawthornden Castle on the other side of the river – and knew where we were! The link is to a Wikipedia entry which, alas, doesn't include a picture. I'll organise some pictures for you soon -- you haven't seen the ones from Games Day yet.

It was a good day.


Not much. I did 1 ½ circuits of the Rams and Yowes border, and am just at the point where it's time to join in the yarn for the eighth stripe – of nine!

I probably won't be here tomorrow, because Mungo will, with his father, on their way to Glenalmond School.  


  1. elginknitter2:40 PM

    Just for the record, we had a lot more problems with Norton that we do with McAfee, and McAfee works extremely well at blocking spam email as well as viruses, etc. I hope that doesn't confuse the issue for you!

  2. =Tamar1:11 AM

    For what it's worth, if indeed it is a virus problem, my happy Linux-promoting friend says that it is possible to use a Linux anti-virus program on a thumb drive to clean up a non-Linux computer. He says that Clam-AV finds viruses that Norton and McAfee don't find. I leave such things up to him.

  3. If you are using BT then McAfee is free but download the latest version from them with its tools and run it and that should help plus enable chrome with a pop up blocker.

  4. Your walk must have reassure you as to your restored stamina. It certainly sounds quite challenging.
    I love reading the website material on these fascinating schools with their pipe bands and other Scottish features.