Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A boost in follower-numbers this morning! Bless you! and welcome.

As to my husband’s release, we don’t know where we are. I couldn’t find anyone at the hospital yesterday to tell me anything. Helen has a phone number for a Person in Charge, and will try today. I just phoned the local care office – they didn’t know anything about it. They are investigating, and will call back. I’ve also left a message with the District Nurse who will have to come in daily for insulin injections. Has she heard anything?

Poor man – Helen thinks that he is himself responsible for the idea of “Wednesday” whereas her contact at the hospital had only promised “end of the week”. He will be devastated if it’s not tomorrow. I will be glad of even 24 hours’ reprieve.

And as for knitting – I finished the ribbing on the 2nd Kaffe Fassett sock yesterday. Fifty rounds is a lot, but I like a lot of cuff on a man’s sock. The rest should go fast. And the half-brioche sleeve is doing well, too. Four more increases. Then the next job is to decide on the arm length.

My current thought is to finish this sleeve, which includes a good deal of shoulder-saddle and yoke, and then lay the poor thing aside yet again while I finish the socks and knit the stripey hat, both as potential Xmas presents.

Here we are in mid-November, when the mss of the Vintage Knitting Project is due to go to the printers. I stalk Susan Crawford these days, as we enter the second year of waiting for the book. She has finished chemotherapy (with surgery and radiotherapy to come) and is active on social media. I have found nothing at all about the book. Her Ravelry Group is where I expect to find news first – there has been nothing there for the last 18 days.


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I'm very sorry that Susan had her awful diagnosis and I do wish her well with her ongoing treatment and recovery.

    However, I do think it's crucial for her crowdfunders to be be kept properly imformed. It's understandable that she would wish to put her whole energy into her recovery but I cannot understand why she or a member of her family has not said anything about the book. Even if this is to say that there are currently no plans to send the book to the printers as Susan needs to get well first. I'm really unhappy with the situation as it is. Crowdfunding carries with it a huge moral obligation and I do think that there needs to be more transparency here. I'm sorry if this seems harsh but when my husband died suddenly I discharged his moral obligations to others. When my mother was then diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died 10 months later, I discharged hers.

  2. It does sound like a bit of wishful thinking, let's hope so if you haven't heard anything official. You may not be able to get at the brioche once your husband is home, finish that sleeve for sure. It will feel better when you return to it later.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    How good that you have daughter Helen to offer her assessment of reality, and join in on the pursuit of information.
    - Beth in Ontario

  4. I would think that the hospital would notify YOU first, in person, if he's coming home. I agree with Beth in Ontario - darn good thing you have Helen there.