Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The answer seems to be, that my husband is coming out of hospital on Friday. I am delighted to have these extra 48 hours; he is disappointed, but sustained by the definiteness of the current arrangements. I did a big supermarket shop yesterday for husband-food (as opposed to the salads I pick at in his absence). Some of it will now have to be found place for in the freezer drawers, so that’s this morning’s job.

His 91st birthday is on Saturday. Everybody’s coming. So Friday will be a busy day, whatever. Which is great. And Helen will be here on Friday morning to welcome him home.

And as for knitting –

The second Kaffe Fassett sock is speeding along, and given this unexpected and very welcome 48-hour respite, may well have reached the heel-flap by the weekend. The half-brioche sleeve lacks but two more increases.

You don’t need to worry about that one, Mary Lou, although thank you for doing so. When my husband is home, we’ll watch some television. Not obsessively – he has a set in his hospital room which I’m sure he’s never turned on. I have looked at very little here since he has been away, except of course for the rugby. But when he’s here and settled in his chair, we’ll watch things, and I’ll knit.

Vintage Shetland Project – I found a post-diagnosis message from Susan saying that she hoped to send the files to the printer on the Monday just past, the 14th. I posted a message to the Ravelry group yesterday myself, tactfully phrased I hope, asking whether that had happened. (The answer, surely, is no.) There has been a response from an insider, promising more news soon, perhaps actually from Susan.


Our great-niece (husband’s sister’s beloved namesake granddaughter) spent last weekend in Strathardle, getting on with some essay-writing -- except when she was interrupted by this fellow out there in the garden:


  1. Has the issue of getting your husband to the toilet been addressed? It may help his mood to be home for his birthday.I'm glad you will continue to have knitting time.

  2. Prayers for Friday and the birthday on Saturday!

  3. Hooray for another 48 hours to gird your loins for the work to come!

  4. =Tamar6:28 PM

    Enough snow to make a snowman? oh my.
    What are the colored things used for the mouth?

    Best wishes for a smooth reentry. I hope the care package includes some form of gentle strengthening exercise for your husband.