Friday, November 11, 2016

And after another night’s sleep, here we are picking up the load and going on with the world.

I agree with you, Jane, that we’ve got to give the man a chance. (And I wish you’d resume blogging.)

And I was grateful for your temperate comment, rosesmama, on my day-after post. I didn’t vote because it’s hard work, and there’s a lot else going on here.  I voted for Obama eight years ago, with pride. There was a website then to help with the process – I probably got connected to it because I had been raising money for his campaign here on the blog. I thought that once I’d done it, New Jersey would continue to send me absentee ballots. Not so. And four years ago, and this year, it was Just Too Much.

Yesterday, wandering around the internet, I read David Remnick’s take on the election. It’ll probably be in this week’s New Yorker – he’s the editor – but I haven’t got it yet. His views are as strong as any of you could wish.

We’d better switch back to knitting.

My hat yarn from Loop arrived yesterday. Beautiful. The difficulty in the pattern is only – but that’s bad enough – that some stripes are only one round, and others are three. I’ve wound the cast-on colour. What a pleasure to wind a skein so small! I’ll cast on soon.

I’ve finished the first Kaffe Fasset sock, and cast on the second. I was astonished to find the colours going in the opposite direction. I’m not terribly good at thinking, as I have mentioned before – and old age is underlining this tendency. It took me a while to decide whether Regia had dyed the yarn the other way around, or whether I was just knitting from the other end.

The latter is true, I’m pretty sure. But why? It is possible – but only just – that I knit the first ball from the inside. But that is not my wont, and I have knit many a sock with self-striping sock yarn before now. I think they wound the ball the other way.

I have always preferred to knit such socks as fraternal rather than identical twins. The upside down-ness of this pair will but enhance the effect. Picture soon.

And in the evening, in the cosy kitchen with Perdita and BBC iPlayer, I finished the front of the half-brioche and knit the wrist ribbing of the first sleeve. The pattern I am following is for a man’s sweater. I will shorten the sleeves, bearing in mind the simian length of a man’s arms and also the fact that I don’t like sleeves in the water when I’m washing dishes.

Here is the promised picture of the Drummond Place door which I was reminded of by the Sixties’ knitting pattern I posted yesterday:

And here, for comparison, the next-door door:


  1. Only once have I found the pattern reversed in the 2 balls, and I definitely knit both from the inside. That's how I did it then. Thankfully only a knitter who got off the horse and really examined the socks would discover the difference. Regia yarn, too.

  2. I am a teeny bit disappointed in the door picture - I expected a colourfully painted door with a slightly warped pattern - and had to look twice to find the "warped" windows:) but then I suppose the neighbours would do a riot if someone painted their door in the sweater colours:)

  3. This opinion piece in the Guardian says it to me.

    1. That's very good indeed. Thanks.

  4. here is the New Yorker piece by Remnick

    1. Southern Gal, in reference to your comment yesterday - there is an old saying that keeps running through my mind this week, "When you are up to your ass in alligators it is hard to remember your original intent was to drain the swamp!" We'll see.....

  5. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I don't know about sock yarn but have discovered Noro yarn with the color stream "transposed."

  6. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Sorry, meant to sign my name. Chloe.