Saturday, November 26, 2016

What is it that's such fun about stripes? I'm halfway from cast-on to crown decrease with the stripey hat and having such fun that I wonder if anyone else on my Xmas list would like one.

Fabritius' famous "Goldfinch" (as in Donna Tartt's novel) is currently on loan to the National Galleries of Scotland -- the first time it has ever been here. Our niece and I recently went to see it. Then we went to the museum shop and thought about Christmas. They were offering Fair Isle-type berets for about as much as I had just paid for the stripey hat kit. Of course, you didn't have to knit the berets, but this stripey hat is seriously fun, and I think the result is going to be rather better than machine-knit Fair Isle.

They also had some Edward Gorey Christmas cards. We're great Gorey fans around here. There was nothing I cared for, but when I got home I looked up the publisher, Pomegranate, and found this, which I ordered from them and will be sending out soon. It's called "She knitted mufflers endlessly".


The very serious trouble with this new system, is that I lack all oomph in the evening and am not able to write to you about many of the things I want to talk about. Such as, currently, care homes. Maybe there will be a day soon.


  1. Dear Jean:
    We'll all be here when you get the necessary oomph! Great card by the way - it put a smile on my face.

  2. oh my LOVE that card!!!!

    write when you can! just glad that there is no news (so i can hope that means things are settling down)

    Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  3. Gorey at The Gorey Store

    Gorey at pomegranate USA

    The muffler card at the Met Shop

  4. Get through Christmas, then the care home will occupy January. I assume it's a Must Do now rather than an option? Otherwise you'll drop dead of exhaustion and your husband will still have to go into some sort of home. Thank goodness you've got a supportive family and I'm sure they're all saying the same thing.

  5. It is good to hear from you, no matter how briefly. I love stripes too.

  6. Allison12:35 PM

    "Maybe there will be a day soon. "

    Take your time... we'll be here.

    And what a great (and so apropos) Christmas card.

  7. I do love Edward Gorey. And stripes. The card is a winner. Stripes are fun and soothingly easy. That kit looks perfect. I was eyeing it on the web the other day, but haven't clicked on it yet.

  8. Stripes are very cheerful to knit, which is why I have over a dozen pair of striped handknit socks sitting in my basket. Although I use self-striping yarn, which is sort of cheating. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the hat when it's finished.

    I'm glad you are still thinking about the possibility of a care home. Now that he is home and can see all that is involved in his care, and the heavy burden it places on you, he will see that it's just not going to be possible for him to be there beyond the holidays.

    1. I meant to say "hopefully he will see..."

  9. Just purchased three boxes of the wonderful Gorey "muffler" cards. My family and friends will love them. I am the person who literally does not leave home without a book or Kindle and needles and yarn. Thank you for the tip!

  10. Anonymous9:14 PM

    This is such a difficult time, but I'm sure whatever decision you make will be the right one. We are here, with our quiet support.

    Have spent a fair chunk of the evening looking up Gorey - two small dogs and one 6ft son are complaining about late suppers!