Thursday, November 03, 2016

Yesterday was a good day on the computing front, anyway.

I found my memory stick. Perdita had knocked it off the table. She said it was under the edge of the carpet opposite the fireplace, and she is usually right about such things, but a cursory search had failed to produce it. Yesterday I got down on my knees and sought in earnest, and there it was. She was indeed right.

That gave me access to my Christmas list, an Excel spreadsheet. And that, at least, reminds me of what knitting I did for whom, last year. I’m sort of against Christmas knitting – stress is the one thing that needs to be kept well away from knitting. But now, at least, I know who not to knit a hat for this year. (Woolley Wormhead has got some good ones.)

And this morning, capitalizing on success, I installed Lotus Organizer on my husband’s computer which has become my default one – and that gives me access to my knitting notes.

Perhaps I’ll even move on to Quicken and get life back in order.

As for actual knitting, I’ve done the heel flap, turned the heel, and picked up the gusset stitches on the first Kaffe Fassett sock. It’s time my Knitzi turned up – I could be using and enjoying it every day on my hospital visit. Once my husband is home, there won’t be much employment for it. The PayPal receipt is dated October 12 – maybe I’d better enquire.

And, later on, I feel I got seriously to grips with the half-brioche sweater. I think I’ll probably reach the underarm decrease on the front today, and immediately thereafter (perhaps also today) divide to make room for the neck placket. 


  1. =Tamar6:57 PM

    A polite enquiry might be in order, but if I've counted correctly, it has only been three weeks. Most places I've seen say to allow four to six weeks, even when they (sometimes) surprise you with rapid delivery.

  2. What will Theo's job be once the Obamas leave the White House, I wonder? Or is his job tied to the party, rather than the candidate?
    I always feel that Michelle Obama would make a very credible world leader, each time I hear her speak.