Saturday, November 05, 2016

Not much, today.

But what a weekend!  If Andy Murray wins in Paris today, he will be ranked as the World’s Number One. However briefly that lasts and however little it means.

The graphs showing Djokovic-v-Murray are (alarmingly) like those tracking Clinton-v-Trump.

I’m sure you’ve heard all this before. When I had my first cataract operation, it was on the Saturday of the first Wimbledon when Murray burst upon the scene. He won the first two sets, against whoever-it-was. I can’t remember the precise sequence of events, only that I was keen while the surgeon was toiling on, for him to finish so that I could get back to a television set. I was sent up to my hospital bed, eventually – this was in the Murrayfield hospital, and we were paying privately – and lay there, blind, while he lost the next three.

I have felt a bond between us, ever since.Go! Andy!

I signed up yesterday for Carol Feller’s “Celtic Cables” on Craftsy. I’m sorry, in a way, to have to tell you that Craftsy teachers are wonderfully soporific, if you prop your iPad up on your stomach in bed. But I was also struck with the way she pronounced the word “pattern” as – more or less – “pattren.” I remember her doing that when I was in her class at the EYF in the spring.

And I also thought of that time when my husband and I were in Paris – can’t remember why; we have never travelled much; he has always been hard work – and heard a television commentator carefully refer to Wimbledon as Wimb-le-don. (Whereas we British, and the rest of the English-speaking world, pronounce it as Wim-bul-don, transposing vowel and consonant.)

That leaves untouched the subject most on our minds this morning. It’s odd to think that on Wednesday morning, the answer will be available and expressible in a single sentence, after all this time.

Except that I remember the year when Alexander sat up all night and knew no more in the morning – it turned out to be the year of Bush and Gore and the “hanging chads”.

And – oh dear, knitting, yes. I finished the gusset decreases on the Kaffe Fassett socks. I did a bit more of half-brioche and may even finish the first side of the front this evening.  


  1. IT is so frustrating that all we hear about in US is scandal, nothing about positions on climate change, guns, trade policy....good luck to Mr. Murray!

  2. I so agree with you, Mary Lou! And any time a legitimate issue is mentioned it is to say what the other guy doesn't think! Where is a "Time-Turner" when you really need one? Good luck to Andy!

  3. Speaking of Time-Turners, the election is one reason I'm spending the weekend at a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/other magical books & movies fan convention. So much nicer than USA politics atm.
    I (and a lot of others) do that same consonant & vowel switch with chipotle. I know it's Chi-pot-lay, but if I'm not thinking I say it chi-pol-tay.
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Don't we have a lot of pronunciation traps in the English language - and that applies whichever side of the Atlantic you are starting from. And wouldn't we surprise our furry garden buzzers if we started to call them Bumblay-bees!? Or served up that wonderful dessert Apple Crumblay!? 'ble' is on of the best.

  5. =Tamar7:40 PM

    Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

    Time to read Diana Wynne Jones's _Witch Week_ again: the one where Guy Fawkes succeeded...

  6. When I was voting my thought was 'where's Pat Paulsen when you need him?!'

  7. CONGRATS to ANDY!!! so happy for you and Scotland!!! he worked hard this fall for all those matches!

    now if Andy can be the First British to be NO 1 and the CUBS can win the World Series... SURELY Hillary can become the first WOMAN PRESIDENT!!!!!