Monday, December 19, 2016

Even less was accomplished today. I did walk down to Coco in Stockbridge to buy some Xmas chocs for all our carers. Now I worry that they would have preferred Ferraro Rocher. The distance is .8 of a mile according to Google Maps -- and back again, of course, and a certain amount of up-hill-down-dale is involved, so that is not too bad a day's walk. 

And I did finish knitting the second stripey hat -- and made some progress with finishing-finishing.

And I had my hair done this morning. At least Charles had heard of High Noon. Alas, Janet, it is no good for knitting. You really have to look at that wonderful movie.

Thank you for your contributions on the burning question of what I am to knit next. I think I will cast on my husband's sweater, for the reasons weavinfool gives (comment, yesterday) and because casting on is fun. I have the notes from the sleeveless vest I knit him recently, so I won't even have to measure and think. But the shawl will take priority until I reach the point where I feel completely comfortable about finishing it on time. I don't remember having any such anxiety when I was knitting it for this baby's grandmother 60 years ago. Well, nearly 60.

But I was young then, and couldn’t afford the yarn for multiple WIPs anyway.

The late, great Judy Sumner used to have a different WIP for every day of the week. I ought to be able to juggle three.


If you Google “winter solstice 2016” and then click on the offering from the Telegraph, you get a nice scientific article explaining rather more than we need to know, and a delicious count-down, second by second, like the closing moments of an eBay sale. Just at the moment there is/are one day, 12 hours, and a diminishing half-hour to go. So, not tomorrow but Wednesday.

That’s assuming that whoever is in charge remembers to throw the switch. That aspect of things always worries me a bit.


  1. I love your note about throwing the switch. That is more understandable than the technical stuff!

  2. My son who lives in Edinburgh has brought me chocolates from Coco, definitely a good choice. The last time he gave me a bar of dark spiced Haggis chocolate which was lovely - much nicer than it sounds!

  3. I think it was last year that I heard that once we're past the solstice, the mornings do not get lighter earlier at first. I couldn't understand how that could possibly be true--shouldn't both ends of the day be getting equally brighter?--but it is apparently.