Friday, December 16, 2016

Some cards written, no walk, the 2nd stripey hat ready for the crown decreases.

I don’t think we’re recieving as many cards as in previous years, perhaps because everyone assumes that we’re dead. Perhaps because they’re dead themselves. It’s a gloomy time of year.

I am seriously thinking -- although I haven't done it yet -- of laying in a couple more stripey hat kits in case we have another winter solstice next year. It's great Darkness knitting, and I think there are several people on my Xmas list who would welcome such a hat (even though the grandchildren break 8-4 in favour of males). 

Jean: my sister says that the FDA (Federal Drug Authority?) lists "fatigue" among the fairly common side-effects of Eliquis, even if the British haven't noticed it. I have to pick up a new batch from Boots next week, and will read the enclosed instructions again with even more attention. 

For some months last year, while I was taking warfarin, I wasn't allowed alcohol either. I didn't feel particularly sprightly as a result -- but that was immediately after the pulmonary embolism crisis which started me down this path. I remember that I took a bottle of Weston's Vintage along with me to Hellie and Matt's wonderful wedding in September, '15  -- surely I could safely drink one, on such a day -- and the only person who could produce an opener when I needed one, was the bridegroom himself.

Back to Knitting

Interweave has launched something called Wool Studio – think Brooklyn Tweed, think Twist Collective. The patterns are very much the sort of thing I like, loose and easy with some interesting stitch detail hither and yon. I think of my beloved Relax. I can’t get the LookBook to work properly on my iPad, but I’ll keep at it. 


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    I think anyone would like one of those hats, male or female. As long as they are, in fact, a hat-wearer. Laying in a supply for next year seems like a prudent plan.

    You could also ask the pharmacist about the Eliquis side effects. They often know more than the docs, at least here.

    Beverly in NJ

    1. =Tamar3:30 PM

      Another vote for the stripey hat kits. It wasn't that long ago (was it?) that the stripey "London beanie" was in style.

  2. Ah, yes...unexpected side effects. I was taking a medication for a specific condition when Mark Porter, the doctor who writes in "The Times", wrote a column on how this particular kind of medication tended to affect the brain, leading to dementia. When I read the detailed list of side effects more carefully, I also discovered that it enhanced one's "Startle response" ie makes you jump out of your skin at sudden noises. I had noticed this but never connected it to the medication. I decided to live with the original condition.

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Drugs are a two-edged sword aren't they? My mother was a Guinea pig when they couldn't find out what was wrong with her. Please be careful whatever choice you make and consult both your doctor and the pharmacist as everyone's case is unique. And be wary about the Internet which you are probably already cautious about but it doesn't hurt to reiterate. Wikipedia tends to be the first site listed on my browser and it is nice but it doesn't have a medical license as far as I know. I'm trying to be as general as possible to avoid swaying you in any particular direction. There is so much emotion attached to these things that it doesn't make it easy to make a good choice. Chloe

  4. FDA is the Federal Drug Administration. Maybe a vitamin D supplement would help with fatigue.
    I don't think people think you're dead but I do think Christmas cards are something people have removed from their to do lists.

  5. I am with. Pom Pom, I think fewer and fewer people are sending cards. This reminds me of that Saki story, Down Pens. I may go read it with my morning tea. Now I really want to find one of those hat kits!

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Food & Drug Administration.

    I don’t have the typical responses to prescription drugs. It’s genetic; my mother has more pronounced reactions (and not usually the ones intended or expected). So monitor your situation and pay attention to what is happening with you.

  7. We have to go through our Christmas card list every year and remove people who have died. It's very depressing. It's equally depressing to get a card back from one person when you were expecting it from two.