Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jean (fromcornwall), you can’t imagine how your comment yesterday cheered me. We’ll make medical history, you and I. I don’t take any other medication except Eliquis – unless you count Weston’s Vintage Cider. Doctors here are very severe about drink. But once Lent has removed that factor, we’ll be ready to roll.

And otherwise, it wasn’t a bad day either. I tottered twice around Drummond Place Gardens, reflecting on how much stronger I had been six years ago. In middle life, six years are as nothing. 

And I wrote some Christmas cards.

Kate Davies’ “Inspired by Islay” club has started functioning. What a good idea, to time it for these utterly darkest days! I have entirely forgotten what was promised when I signed up for it. The first goodie has been the pattern for the beautiful cardigan KD designed and knit for her own (extraordinary) wedding. I won’t be knitting it; I’m glad to have it.  I’m keenly looking forward to the next installment.

I have spent some time (as I often do) on the Schoolhouse Press website. There are some interesting things there, notably “Selbuvotter” – all in Norwegian and currently not available and really rather expensive. Never mind. It offers hundreds of pages about Norwegian mittens and Meg seems to be blown away by it.


Rachel rang up the other day. All is well with Hellie’s pregnancy. She is part of the web of auto-immune diseases which certainly don’t derive from my genes: thyroid deficiency (Rachel, Greek Helen, Mungo, Hellie, I may have forgotten others); premature greyness (my husband, his mother, Greek Helen); type one diabetes (James). Rachel says that Hellie is being monitored very closely. She is very slightly built, which adds slightly to anxiety.

As does darkness.


  1. If it wasn't in Norwegian, I would be getting the Selbuvotter book - but I already have two: the Terri Shea one and the Annemor Sundbo, so I think I will have to be sensible.

    1. I have the Sundbo - wonderful book - and I inquired direct about Selbuvotter but it would set me back nearly $100 after postage from Norway - and $150 from Meg! It does look wonderful though.

  2. P.S. I don't drink anything - one of my meds says no, and a few sips of wine made me feel quite odd. I would love to self medicate with cider! I have some more work to be done on me, and then I shall be working on ditching what I can of the little tormentors (as I think of them) Then perhaps I shall be able to unpick what is my real fate. Maybe fatigue is a price we have to pay - I can think of worse.

  3. I didn't know that premature grey hair can be related to thyroid/auto-immune. In my family it is a genetic trait on both sides. My grey began in high school. I don't think I can refer to it as premature these days, however! HAppy to hear you are walking. I may be slipping today, more snow.