Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not much, tonight. And not much of that, about knitting.

I’m very grateful for all comments about the side-effects of drugs, and I will  certainly keep you posted about Eliquis. Shandy, I have been a great fan of Mark Porter for a long time, and that is an interesting story of yours indeed.

Our cleaner was ill and didn’t come today, impressing upon me how much she does and how grateful I must be. I got through the minimum myself (no walk, no Christmas cards) and did rather enjoy putting everything in the kitchen in the place where I wanted it to be. There has never been much about housekeeping which agitates me one way or another, but I do like to keep saucepans within reach, and with their lids.

There is a headline in the Financial Times today: Hygge Schmygge. I was sort of pleased with myself for being able to understand it – knowing enough about 2016, and remembering enough of the New York speech of my youth. Never mind that – the article beneath the headline is very good, and very funny. I laughed aloud. Find it if you can.

I started the crown decreases on the stripey hat, and found the dp’s which will have to be deployed tomorrow.


  1. Jean, we are such creatures of habit! I like that you are posting at night because that is when I tend to check my e-mail and have always had time to read your wonderful blog. But, if I do have time during the day I will check to see if you have posted and will say to myself, "I have already read that!" and then remember that I saw it the night before! Must be I am getting old.

    Isn't it irritating when someone else puts things away in your kitchen and you cannot find a thing? You want to be grateful for the help, but just end up being annoyed.

    Hang in - the Solstice is coming!

  2. coming late to the party I suppose but I think stripey hats are an excellent idea and there should be more of them. They are cheerful.

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    If you google "choosing wisely" you will find an interesting campaign recently launched by the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges, which is aimed at clinicians and patients, to help them through the minefield of medical practice. It is very helpful, jargon free and accessible. Carol G

  4. Thanks very much for the tip on "Hygge schmygge" - it provided a much-needed laugh!

  5. I tried getting to the article but alas it requires me to opt for a trial subscription which I don't want. Phooey. It was worth a try.

    The stripey hats are an excellent idea for future gifts.

    I too agree with the others about discussing the fatigue with your doctor. Much mojo that Doc will either cut back or remove the medication.

    1. agree about that trial - pooh

    2. am glad that you have found a time to post... i have to force myself not to read you at night(on the east coast) and save you for my morning latte and quiet time.

      stripey hats ... yes. i will try to put together my own set