Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Not much of a day, accomplishment-wise. [Does that turn of phrase derive from Jack Lemmon in "The Apartment"?] A few more rounds on the stripey hat. Alexander came to see us and was rewarded with two wrapped and labelled Christmas presents. That’s about it. No cards. No walk.

Chloe, thank you for your concern. I did see a dr in the summer – she listened to heart and lungs and took “bloods” and apparently I’m fine. My current plan is to wait and see how I feel towards the end of Lent – will I be better off without Weston’s Vintage Cider? That could well be the case. (Ash Wednesday is March 1 next year, I have just discovered: the perfect day.)

And if abstinence does not produce sprightliness, I will then approach a doctor and ask about stopping blood-thinners, currently not rat poison but something called Aliquis. (Debility is not listed among its side-effects.) I feel rather as I felt in the six months after I had pneumonia in my 50’s, only now it goes on and on and then it got better.

One achievement today: I thought of someone who might possibly be willing to live-in and let me get away for a bit of r&r. I emailed him, he phoned promptly back – he’ll do it. It is someone my husband will be happy with and who, in turn, can keep him in line. Getting my husband into a care home for “respite” sounds like a good idea but is in fact next to impossible.

I’m thinking of taking Perdita to Perthshire in May, most glorious of months, and introducing her to the out-of-doors. I feel increasingly that it is cruel to a cat to deny her that. Another time, perhaps, I could go to Glasgow and see Alexander and Ketki’s house there and suss out the Glasgow yarn shops.

We’re all busy and cross and tired – but I hope, as in other years, to totter on here until the solstice and then declare a holiday hiatus.


  1. An achievement indeed - the prospect of some eventual r&r for you sounds wonderful.

  2. A Live-in Care Giver will give you both some respite!! This dreary, grey, wet, time of year makes me tired & crabby. Add on all the worry that you've had in the last few months & I'd be feeling weak too. Have you thought about a 'planned' afternoon OUT every week just for yourself?? Even if you do nothing but go to the library, it's OUT. And I'll bet you feel better for it.

  3. Am on the same anti-coagulant and feel similarly wiped out. I don't know if it is the pill, the other meds I am having to take, or my underlying condition. What I do know is that it is a new drug, and they will not have so much data on side effects yet, so it is really worth consulting a GP. I am glad to hear you are no longer on warfarin - that has bad long term effects.

  4. That's great news about the possibility of some time away from home. Perhaps you could arrange for some time sooner than May?

    As to the reference to feeling like you did with pneumonia, isn't there something called walking pneumonia? Perhaps you caught a bug at the hospital and it's lingering? May be a good idea to see the doctor especially since it's lingered for some time.

    We would hate for you to become ill!

  5. maybe I misread, is the person going to come for periods of time so you can leave? Or actually move in full time? Not that it's any of our business just curious.

  6. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Oh thank you Jean for giving me the medical details. I couldn't remember if you had mentioned them before. I'm so glad all is well in that department. Then hopefully improvement is likely especially with more r&r. Glad to see that you will take Perdita with you to Perthshire! You two should have quite a romp in the countryside. Chloe

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I can't think it's cruel to Perdita to keep her indoors, but I do think you will have a fascinating time watching her first forays into the Great Unknown - reason enough to do it.
    You are sounding on top of things, debility or no. Plans and decisions are being made. Good for you.
    Gail in NC

  8. A real accomplishment if you have found a respite carer!

  9. =Tamar9:17 PM

    Do report the side effects to your doctor; new drugs often need to be re-evaluated, and without reports, everyone assumes they're the only one with issues.
    Hooray for your friend. I like the idea of having even an afternoon out; it can be a lifesaver.
    Yes, there is "walking pneumonia"- I had it for several months, in the 1980s. I would feel fine one day, then the next day I'd be wiped out, then fine the day after... it did respond to antibiotics once I finally got some.