Thursday, December 29, 2016

It was not an entirely successful day, today. My husband was/is sort of dopy, didn't want to be got out of bed this morning. I insisted on that, for the sake of some post-insulin breakfast, but dopiness persisted and he spent much of the day in bed. A dr came, found his Vital Signs in pretty good shape (oxygen saturation and temperature, at least), prescribed a just-in-case antibiotic given his history of chest and urine infections, and given the total shut-down of the country for the next week.

So, some anxiety and not much knitting. However, I have reached the final quarter of the fourth side of the edging of Mrs Hunter's shawl, and, with only seven scallops to go, should have finished easily by the start of next year.

I was grateful, as always, for your comments yesterday. It was good to know that you didn't all think my anecdote about the lovely celery completely absurd. And I was very glad to learn that you had looked up the Torquatus ode, pgknitter. I know it by heart, as well as Eheu fugaces Postume, Postume, and trust they will be comforting to me on my deathbed. Perhaps I should memorise a third.


James' and Cathy's Christmas present to my husband, opened only yesterday, turned out not to be for him at all: it is a wonderful machine in which you can pursue a toy mouse -- if you are a cat. Perdita loves it.


  1. I enjoyed the celery story! I expect it was quite the surprise for your Greek friend, as well. What a sweet gift, something to entertain your husband and Perdita.

  2. i have seen that toy and wondered if it was as good as they say... will have to try one for my cats.

    sorry to read about your husband's dip in health.. hoping its just a wee bit of exhaustion after all the company and excitement of the holiday!

  3. I bought my nephew and his partner a small laser pointer as a Christmas present. Why? Because they are about to get a kitten and my sister's cat loves chasing their laser pointer. It keeps both cat and human amused for hours. I have never heard of a mouse chase toy though!

    1. We don't dare use a laser pointer with our cat, Archie, because he is smart enough to look for the source. Shouldn't do that, can cause eye damage. For him, we find he loves a small flashlight for chasing.

  4. Happy Hogmanay Eve, Jean! (Hopefully I spelled that right)
    Hopefully the dopiness is just exhaustion from all the family and medical stuff, and will get better tomorrow. May someone tall and dark bring you the best kinds of luck for the new year!