Monday, October 23, 2017

A bit better, today.

I’ve reached the fifth of the nine ribbons in Miss Rachel’s Yoke. The new needle arrangement helps, I think; and the decreases are beginning to make themselves felt. In any event, I kept knitting Just One More Round until it got too dark to take a picture. Tomorrow, surely. It’s looking good.

The fifth round is the second, of three, in which the main colour reappears. I’ve certainly got enough yarn for this ribbon. But there’s another to come, when even more will be required. That’s going to be a bit scary. I can unravel the swatch. I have never in my whole life unravelled a swatch. The neck ribbing can perfectly well be done in one of the other colours, I hope.

As for socks, I’m going to have to take the iPad to bed (as, indeed, I always do) and see if I can find the bit in Carol Feller’s short row class where she mentions a second gusset. I remember doing the Fleegle Heel (comment yesterday) during my Sock Phase – I don’t think that’s it, although I don’t remember what the Fleegle Heel was.


Today’s picture shows only one. After I had taken her off my lap half a dozen times, she retreated in some chagrin to the top of the chest of drawers.

She and Perdita came to blows at one point today, but I am not sure that it wasn’t at least half a game. Paradox rolled onto her back with all four paws in the Defensive Position, and the encounter didn’t last long. I think that this fairly absurd enterprise, the second cat, has achieved its main object: Perdita will be less lonely when I go away.

I’m going to London on Friday. Three more days to prepare. My hair looks very nice.


  1. She's having a good solid mump up there, isn't she? The cheek of you, putting her off your lap!

  2. She does look a little bit grumpy, LOL:)! Poor thing.

  3. Have you thought of cat beds. One for each.? I have two very different cats personality wise and they have taken to their beds beautifully. For paradox you could place it next to you and then place her in it and reward her with a treat. She will soon realize it’s just as nice as your lap. But also treats for Perdita. And her own bed as well perhaps on that favorite chair of hers.

  4. Inspired by *YOU*, I knit several pairs of Fleegle Heel socks a few years ago. I think I adapted the directions to toe-up (if they weren't already) and two-at-a-time. Then other heels called -- my current beau is Sherman -- and I stopped. I can scare up the Fleegle directions if anybody asks. :-)