Saturday, October 21, 2017

I wasn’t going to write tonight – but why not? I’ve got to stay up another hour at least before I can empty the slow cooker and stow the contents. No knitting today.

I miss my husband most when something happens – often a small something – which I can’t tell him about, although he would have been interested. There were two such, today – one, not small.

The dear friend who drove us (me and Sister Helen) to wrest Paradox away from her natural family, took a picture of her mother Esther. Who is also, of course,  Perdita’s mother:

The person in the background must be Paradox’ full brother or sister. That’s what most of the kittens of our Dear Old Cat Poussin looked like, plus a few ginger toms. She never produced a calico/tortoiseshell-and-white. Two years ago, when the same friend took to me acquire Perdita, we didn’t get to meet Esther. I am glad to be able to record her here.

My husband would have liked to see that picture.

The other news, the not-small one, was the accidental discovery of the death of an old friend. He died a few days before my husband did, so at least I no longer have to feel guilty about not writing to him at once. He was substantially younger than I am, and even more substantially (19 years) younger than my husband.

My husband remarked of similar news, not all that long ago (I’ve forgotten the details) that he was in danger of outliving everybody. Quite so. 


  1. I am very much enjoying the cat pictures. How amazingly alike-looking they all are.

    My father has been gone 29 years and I still often see or read things I wish I could tell him. (I think it's because my dad and I shared a sense of humor that was a little "off the beaten path".)

  2. Thank you for sharing, Jean. I have some tears in my eyes. Esther is lovely isn't she? She certainly gave birth to pretty babies. Both Perdita and Paradox are so gorgeous. Have you read Hillbilly Elegy? I read it this week and it is so touching, so honest. I bought our Timothy a cat brush today and he loved being combed. I just can't think of enough ways to spoil him. Back to my knitting.

  3. yes, there's a thought. If Paradox is as fluffy as she looks she'll need combed or brushed regularly, to stop her fluff felting into matts in warmer or damp weather. Most cats don't mind this if they get used to being combed while young and she's a lap cat anyway so will just think of it as an extra thorough stroking. A metal tined comb, not too closely set teeth, is the best tool. Matts can pull at the skin of a cat and be most uncomfortable and can end up with a cat having to be shaved under anaesthetic if they progress too far so best to keep them at bay. Our long haired cat Paws came to use as an adult and didn't like being combed much but the alternative was having to sneak up on him while he was asleep and snip the matts out with nail scissors. So I combed him lightly every day to keep knots at bay.

  4. Anonymous11:53 AM

    So glad you have knitting and a large family, Jean, to help you through these moments. Not to mention Perdita and Paradox. Wasn't it the Egyptians who domesticated so many of our household pets? Such a service to humanity. So glad, Jean, that you know you can share these times with us. Chloe

  5. One of the things I think I would miss most would be the little shared jokes which no one else would understand. I do admire your ability to be honest about these things with your readership.