Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nothing to report. I dozed in front of the television this afternoon, watching or rather listening to the recent documentary about Queen Victoria and the real Abdul. Not without interest. But the little cat was asleep on my lap and of knitting there was none.

Yesterday immediately after those frantic few minutes of EYF-booking I got an e-ticket and a PayPal receipt for my Nancy Marchant class, but nothing for the other one, the drop spindle. I logged on to PayPal and confirmed that payment had been made for the second class. I thought I’d leave it for a bit until things calmed down. But there was still nothing this morning.

So I emailed them. I had a reply, and an e-ticket, within half an hour. We’re talking about 10 o’clock on Sunday morning. Those women are amazing – it’s no wonder the EYF is such a success. It was suggested, in their reply, that my other ticket might be in the Junk file. I looked, and sure enough, there it was, nestled among all the “Hello, Tanya”s. Although it must have arrived within five minutes of the Marchant one.

Isabella (comment yesterday) I am very grateful indeed for your suggestion about the Craftsy spinning class, and think I will take you up on it. I didn’t even know that Craftsy did spinning.

I’ve ordered the new edition of the book of Silk Road sock patterns. Although I don’t go in for sock patterns – I buy sock yarn, and sit back and let them knit themselves. I must get something organised for the trip to London for the baptism in a fortnight’s time. The Silk Road book will be here tomorrow.

I have long been distressed that Bruce Weinstein pronounces the two syllables of his surname differently. (He is both a cook and a knitwear designer; I’ve got him on Craftsy in both capacities, and knit Archie a sweater last year from a design in his book “Knits Men Want”.) The constant reiteration of the surname in recent days is some help to me in trying to remember how it’s done, although I heard a pundit on the midday news today saying “Wine-stine” the way I keep wanting to do it. Like Einstein. He wouldn’t have been half as clever if he had pronounced his name “Ein-steen”.


  1. I have the ebook edition of Silk Road Socks, and love it. It's as much inspiration to me as a pattern book (but I love the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet series too, which is by the same author). Well worth picking those up if you like old time illustrations of flowers, butterflies, and sea creatures? (I think that's what the last book focused on). Each illustration has two patterns, one sock, one accessory, and her Suitable for Use hat has become one of my go-tos for showing off variegated yarn in easy present form! (That one's from Fine Things for Plain Occasions, and mine's called Suitable for Warmth
    She's also the Curls author, I believe. Very clever woman!

  2. Hey, be grateful it wasn't Harvey Weinstein, LOL:) (sorry - bad joke...) So glad you got things for EYF straightened out. I just registered Friday for Vogue Knitting Live in NY in January and we have to wait for our tickets through the regular post! As wonderful as the teachers will be (going to a lecture by Meg Swansen and two classes by Amy Detjen), I imagine EYF will be just wonderful! Have fun:)! Sounds like your kitty hasn't learned yet to cuddle from the arm of the chair...

  3. It's interesting about your observation about Bruce Weinstein. I wonder if some families do that to make themselves different from other, less savory, members of the family. Bernstein comes to mind.

    It sounds like from your posts that there is a certain measure of agreement being worked out between Perdita and Paradox. I'm glad things are still going well.