Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It turns out that the picture of my husband which the Telegraph used on-line but not in print, was taken by Alexander. No wonder it’s so good. It will be used again, in print, in the obituary which will be published in the Burlington Magazine in December.

The version of the obituary which was originally submitted to the Telegraph listed Perdita among the survivors “…and his beloved cat”, but the Telegraph cut that out. She was chagrined. 

So, London day after tomorrow. I must make an actual, physical, written-down list of things to do tomorrow, most of them, but not all, cat-related. Clean litter tray. Write detailed instructions for cat-sitter. Find and pack sock needles. Helen will be back tomorrow (insh’Allah) and she and Archie will be around in the evening. To the list must be added a birthday card for him: his 21st looms at the beginning of next week.

Today, again, was pretty feeble on the knitting front. I gave up and took a picture of Miss Rachel’s Yoke in the dark. It is very remarkable what the modern non-camera can achieve. It was noticeable at the last wedding I attended (Hellie & Matt, parents of this weekend’s baptismal candidate) – how almost nobody carried an actual camera.

Nancy Marchant’s “Tuck Stitches” arrived today, not quite what I expected. I thought it was going to be Purtscher’s “Dimensional Tuck Knitting”, applied to brioche.

Not quite so – and bear in mind that I haven’t done any swatching from either book. I think what Marchant is doing, starting from machine knitting, is treating basic brioche itself as a “tuck stitch”. From there she goes in two directions. The easier one to understand is where she fails to knit or purl a sl1yo on the next row, but instead slips it again and piles another yo on top. And so on, for four or five rows.

But since basic brioche looks like ribbing, she also treats it as such, and creates the brioche equivalent of the other fabrics we make of k’s and p’s, such as moss stitch.

So I could either start swatching now, or wait until my class at the EYF in March. In either event, you’ll hear more about this in the end.


  1. There were a couple of photos of the to catch the essence of a person, even when you don't know that person. Cutting out Perdita, indeed. At least you were described as a classical scholar!

  2. =Tamar10:40 PM

    turtlegirl76 designed the double-gusset heel in 2011, which may or may not be the same one on Ravelry.

    Miss Rachel's Yoke is looking fine, even in the dark.
    I am unable to get pictures from a picture-phone onto anything else, so I am contemplating buying a real camera before they go the way of the dot-matrix printer.

  3. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Do you write this list on your computer then print it out for the right person? I find it easier than actually hand writing and you can add to it easily. Also just to add to your knitting technique pile, because you don't have enough to occupy your interest already, there is a new moss/seed stitch book out with some unique ways with moss stitch. It's a beautiful book and I will write back when I research the author. Ravelry should have thumbnail sketches of all the projects so you can see if it is worth your while. Chloe

  4. Anonymous12:15 PM

    The book is Seed Sttich: Beyond k1 p1 by Rosemary Drysdale and has 5 stars on Amazon. Hope someone will be able to provide a link when the Burlington obit is printed. In a hasty attempt I was having trouble accessing anything. Perdita needs a good P.R. agent. Chloe

  5. I thought it odd that the obit did not list surviving children by name, but perhaps that is a US custom? Or the Telegraph cut them too? I am still smiling at your turn of phrase ("shouting obscenities at each other").

  6. Was getting worried-til I re read and see that you are in London. Whew. Hope it’s fun