Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Some will have seen my husband’s obituary in the Telegraph today. The on-line version used a wonderful photograph, unknown – or, at any rate, forgotten – by me. The print version substituted a dull-as-ditchwater one, which I do remember.

Knitting progressed, although I still haven’t taken that picture.

I watched some of Feller’s short-row Craftsy class, without success, as far as double-gusset heels are concerned, but also perhaps without much perseverance.

The big news, however, is the new episode of FruityKnitting, no. 40, right on schedule. Not to be missed, free on YouTube. I sat down with it after lunch, meaning to watch a bit, and watched it all. They’re still in Shetland. There’s a wonderful passage with Donna Smith, showing the spinning of fine lace yarn.

There’s also a bit with Oliver Henry, sorting yarn in the Jamieson & Smith warehouse. How lucky I was! to see him there, doing that, and address him (and not be mistaken) and introduce myself as the writer of Gladys Amedro’s obituary.


I think they are forming a team, like Morecombe and Wise or Abbott and Costello. Both like a little morning exercise, so why not career about the house shouting obscenities in pursuit of each other, before a bit of lunch and a well-earned afternoon nap? At night, Paradox is shut into the dining room as she has always been. The first thing I do in the morning, walking along the passage from bedroom to kitchen, is to release her. She springs out and bursts into purr, just as if it weren’t I who had imprisoned her.

But meanwhile Perdita, in the evening,  emerges from wherever-she-was, as soon as I come out of the dining room, (where I have been writing my blog as well as imprisoning my kitten)  and we spend a bit of grown-up time together and then go to bed, also together. 


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    How pleasing to be able to read your husband's obituary online. Three photographs of him are there. Is there any possibility that his tome will be published? It would surely be such a missed opportunity if it were not.

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I am feeling inept and can not locate the online obituary. Could a commenter please post the link?

  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2017/10/24/hamish-miles-art-historian-expert-david-wilkie-obituary/
    This is the link to the obituary. I agree that the photo is quite wonderful and gives a sense of the person.

  4. The photograph reminds me of one taken of my paternal grandfather - and later used for the same purpose. A friend of the family on seeing that one commented, "It captures the essence of the man he was." I hope you feel that way about this photograph.

  5. The photograph him wearing the kind of glasses I love for knitting while watching TV. I can look over or through, as I wish.

  6. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Carol Feller's sock pattern Claro has a short row heel with a gusset before the heel and a gusset afterwards. Is that the pattern for which you are searching?


  7. Thank you for letting us know about the obituary. It was interesting to read about your husband's work and all that he had accomplished. Is there a plan to go ahead with the publication of his book?

  8. Robin3:44 AM

    Jean, thank you for sharing your husband’s obituary. He is shown to be interesting, principled and dedicated. And handsome. From you, we also know he loved cats. Very nice.

  9. How fascinating that obit is. Must dash to work and will write more anon

  10. elginknitter2:24 PM

    Re: the double gusset -- have you seen Basic Socks with Double Gusset Heel, on Ravelry?

  11. What a full post. I much enjoyed reading about your husband and the photos! And I am relieved the cats seem to be working things out. Does Paradox not complain about being on her own all night?

  12. fascinating obituary. We do concerts at the Barber Institute several times a year.Its a wonderful place to look round.

  13. That was a fascinating obituary, Jean. Thanks for pointing us in that direction.

  14. =Tamar10:35 PM

    Double-gusset sock heel hugs the arch, at least the one on turtlegirl76's tutorial does.


  15. Anonymous1:44 AM

    What a wonderful life you two must have had given all your husband's extraordinary career accomplishments, your four children (a career in itself), and all that you have yourself contributed that we don't necessarily know about. Thanks for pointing our way to the Telegraph. It was fascinating, at least as much as I, a non-subscriber, was allowed to see. Chloe