Sunday, October 22, 2017

Again, there’s virtually nothing to say. Although the cats were napping, I got virtually no knitting done this afternoon. I will have to pull myself together.

One thing I have done is order some Arne&Carlos sock yarn for my journey south next week. I have some sock yarn, but nothing that’s very much fun. A&C have produced some very jolly self-stripers since I last thought much about sock-knitting. Self-striping is undoubtedly fun. I may strike a shabby and down-at-heel note at the Christening, but at least I have some knitting for the train.

I'm going to have my hair done tomorrow. That's something.

A&C have invented a simple system for knitting two socks the same from one 100 gram ball of self-striping sock wool. I don’t know if the system applies to the ball I bought. I think not. And, anyway, my philosophy is that of the Socklady’s wonderful poster of October 5. In fact, her many remarkable socks are much closer to identical than mine ever are.

Somewhere in a Craftsy lesson – it must have been Carol Feller on short rows – there was something about an extra, upside down gusset inserted into a normal heel-flap-short-row-heel-pick-up-gusset-stitches heel. I had a phase, several years ago, of knitting socks after socks with all the different heels I could find. Hence all those sock books in a pile which should, but doesn’t, include the new book of Silk Road socks. But I’m pretty sure I never encountered that one.

Does anybody know anything about what I might mean by that extra gusset? I’ll try to find it in Feller’s class, but I don’t think she dwelt particularly on how to do it. Sometimes socks can be hard to get over the heel. Even with carers to help him dress, my husband didn’t wear them at all in the last couple of years of his life. 


  1. I have to look - somewhere recently I read a blog post about this yarn and how it works with short row heels. (Which I never do. ) To be continued.

  2. Are you referring to the Fleegle Heel? The gussetbuilds at the same time as the heel flap, then is decreased away. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, but after all...Google is our friend.

  3. "Shabby and down at heel", Jean? Where is your House of Bruar catalogue? Surely there is still time to update your smart clothes? And these would be useful for Palermo in winter. If not now, when?

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I love Socklady's poster. Maybe I can find a copy for the refrigerator. Chloe

  5. Well A and C themselves have details, if it is the Pairfect you have.
    The extra gusset eludes me.

  6. I've made all my heels with the 'knit as you go' gusset on either side of the flap. By increasing the number of stitches in the gusset, you make the heel deeper & easier to put on.

  7. =Tamar10:54 PM

    Double-gusset sock heel hugs the arch, at least the one on turtlegirl76's tutorial does.