Monday, January 29, 2018

A better day perhaps, strength-wise.

The delivery from Mindful Chef arrived, of course, and cooking the first item was certainly fun. Black Bean and Grilled Corn Lettuce Tacos. I didn’t have to supply anything except salt, pepper, and oil. As expected – feared? – there are almost enough raw materials remaining to cook it again, quite apart from the half-plateful I was unable to finish. At this rate, three meals-for-one per week may be enough to sustain me entirely.

The result was perhaps slightly on the dull side, but very healthy.

The other good thing was the finding of a mighty pile of papers I had from the lawyer at the end of the year, relating to my husband’s estate. I emailed the lawyer at the time to say I was going to Palermo and would think about it later. Then last weekend I was ready to deal with it all, and the papers were nowhere to be found. I sought high and low. I postponed anxiety until today, when my dear cleaner Daniella was due – she can find anything. But she couldn’t find those papers.

And then, suddenly, I found them myself, in a totally unexpected place. So now all I have to do is sit down and look at them.


A new episode of Fruity Knitting tomorrow? What excitement! And a new West Highland Way pattern!

The shawl progresses. I have now done 71 of the 99 pattern rows, and have reduced the stitch count, per border, from 160 to 132. At the end, there will be only 85 stitches to knit back and forth on, for the centre. If I were still doing it that way, I could say that I have finished Chart E and embarked on F. G is the final one.

The trouble with the charts is in no small part that J&S have divided them up, and even turned one sideways, to save space – with the result that they don’t provide a sense of the whole, which is what one asks of a chart.


  1. I’m glad you liked the recipe box. Perhaps you could add a bit of extra spice of your own to perk up the flavor. Much easier than starting from scratch!

  2. I would be concerned that you are not actually taking in sufficient nourishment, eating like this. Replacing tacos with lettuce leaves might be a good idea if you were trying to lose weight, but since you are not gluten intolerant it just reduces the calorific value of the meal - and you only managed a quarter of what was provided. Surely you need highly nutritious, balanced meals if you are only eating small amounts? Poached egg on buttered toast, with a cup of milky coffee or hot chocolate, sardine mashed up with mayonnaise on toast - that sort of thing - small but tasty.

  3. I must agree with Shandy - these meals are designed to be eaten in their entirety. If you're only eating 1/4 of the intake you're likely to end up unintentionally losing weight, but also not consuming sufficient nutrients.