Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Well!  I hope you have all seen that Jen A-C herself commented on yesterday’s post – and provided enlightenment about the book to be launched at the EYF. I love cables, although I haven’t knitted any for a while. I think that’s one I’ll have to go for.

She says in the comment that she doesn’t own the copyright for the sweater I admired on her husband Jim in the latest Fruity Knitting podcast – but is too modest to mention that the East Woodlands sweater, on her website, is somewhat similar.

Meanwhile, Wednesday it is, and the latest on KD’s West Highland Way is a huge and beautiful blanket – done in squares so that it will be possible, as she says herself, to scale it down for the next great-grandchild, if I’m spared.

And as for my own knitting, I have embarked on row 79 of the shawl borders.


Today’s meal from the Mindful Chef, “pulled barbecue jackfruit”, was OK, but not the hit of the week. When Helen and I went for her birthday lunch at Dishoom, she had something with jackfruit in it, and – since she thought she had ordered vegetarian – called the waitress over to ask, isn’t this meat? The answer was no, it’s jackfruit.

It’s funny how often life, having introduced a new theme, repeats it almost at once. Jackfruit is dull, and in future I will avoid meals which involve it. I continue to find this fun. I went back to the website today and ordered a fourth meal for next week. For this week, it's all over.

I gather we’re having a fancy full moon tonight. Archie and I saw the previous one as we were driven in to Palermo on the 2nd of January, over Monte Pellegrino. 

Here are two pictures from him:

That black monolith (if that's the word) is a monument to those who died at the hands of the Mafia. Professor Anselmi pointed it out to us on our Gattopardo walk, that first morning.

And here we are, looking down the Via Lampedusa, with the (reconstructed) Castello on the left. It is from here, if you know the book, that the family set forth towards the Ponteleones' ball in Part Six. It's not far away. And down there at the bottom, in front of the church, is where the Prince got out of the carriage to kneel in the road while a priest carried the Sacrament to someone dying in the vicinity. In Visconti's movie, that happens on the Prince's way home. 


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Hmm I realized I likely have not tried jackfruit. Will not be in a rush to do so!
    Palermo looks fabulous. Those skies!
    Somehow I was not aware of an impending cable book from Jen A-C. Will check it out!

  2. I'd never heard of jackfruit, but a google search revealed that is THE food trend of the year. You are so cutting edge, Jean! Those photos are wonderful.