Saturday, January 27, 2018

There really is nothing to tell you this evening. I have been indescribably idle. I will have to pull myself together briskly – tomorrow morning I have my Italian lesson, and Archie is coming to lunch. I will sound him on the possibility of his writing a blog entry about Palermo, illustrated with his photographs. I haven’t much hope.

Thank you for your kind words about my swatch-scarf. Alexander says that Ketki would like it, and she shall have it. It’s short for a scarf. I’ll join the ends and make it into a cowl. With or without a twist?

But first, the Calcutta Cup.

At least the blue text has gone.


  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Glad you are continuing the Italian lessons!
    I was curious if you used your Italian to ask questions in Palermo.
    I feel I know some words and can read menus but am not confident to form sentences (in any other language, not limited to Italian).

  2. Swatch scarf will make a lovely cowl. I would think skip the twist for more visibility of the beautiful patterns. Just one opinion.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Lucky Ketki! Your design is so beautiful, Jean. I just love the colors. My personal experience with cowls with vs. without a twist is that drapey fabric looks better with a twist than a stiffer fabric. If your Fair Isle is on the stiffer side, I would agree with Beth for that reason also. But it all depends on taste in the end:). Chloe

  4. Please, Archie, your blog entry re Palermo would be very much appreciated.
    I reread The Leopard inspired by your trip. It really is an excellent book.

  5. =Tamar8:36 PM

    I have exactly one cowl, which is not twisted. It's slightly narrow and quite long; it will double and still make a comfortably loose cowl. I don't think it needs a twist. I agree with Beth and Chloe, the Fairisle doesn't need a twist.