Friday, January 12, 2018

I enjoyed “Three Billboards” a lot – but is it that good? The end seemed to me to drag, as ends often do. The actor who ran away with it, secondo me, was neither Frances McD (whom I love) nor Woody Harrelson, but Sam Rockwell (whom I had never heard of before). I guess you’d better go see it.

Otherwise, nothing to report. No knitting.

At the end of our first full day in Palermo – might as well plunge in at the deep end – I fell, on our way back home in the evening, only a few yards from the hotel door. No bones broken. I got to my feet unaided. But I was both shaken and stirred. And for the rest of the week, both weak and lacking in appetite.

I thought I was getting better the last couple of days, but have been weaker than ever, these two full days back here. Archie and I took taxis to and from the Filmhouse this afternoon. This can’t go on.

One thing on the knitting front, though: perhaps in itself a worrying symptom. We “West Highland Way” club members have had our first pattern from KD, a delicious hat and mitten set. My reaction was, that’s great! But what about the yarn? I signed up for that, too.

Then I discovered – from no less a source than this blog – that I had already received the yarn. Then I looked where it should be, and there it is. Perhaps I should knit the hat as an act of penance.

I hope, tomorrow, to get started on telling you about the actual Palermo adventures.


  1. Oh Jean, don't be so hard on yourself! Most people would need a couple of days of vegging out at home after an overseas trip - and there you are gallivanting off to the pictures! Not surprising that you forgot about the yarn either. I once tucked away some small items of jewellery for safe keeping before a trip away and for the life of me could not remember where I'd put them on my return. It came back to me in the end.
    Give it a week and then see how you feel.

  2. A fall at whatever age or time can be a terrifying experience. Especially when away from the comfort of home. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures. Am glad you are back, missed your blogging, think I checked in every day or so just in case.

  3. =Tamar10:54 PM

    It can take time to recover from a fall even without obvious injuries. I once tripped and fell in my house and got some bruises which took their own time to heal, but there was also an emotional component to heal from. There is also the post-holiday settling down, and the return from a warm and sunny location to one that is not. That said, if the weakness progresses, perhaps a consultation is in order. Looking forward to your happier holiday reports!

  4. Good to have you back, Jean. Others have already said it: travel to and from a different climate, a fall -no wonder you’re feeling weak. Looking forward to Palermo accounts.

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    I & my hubby loved Three Billboards through-out, until the ending was what it was... left us flat...don't always agree with the way something ends>
    How was it you fell, Jean? Was the walkway uneven? Or did you just WHAM go down? I just hate it when having a great time - whatever comes along and kicks the snicker-doodles out of you! What worries me is the increase in weakness that seems to accompany that fall. MY reason for seeing a -GOOD doctor with an EXCELLENT reputation was to verify that I hadn't had a TIA and to check/change my medication for the cause/increase of that weakness.-
    So glad you are back:) Can't wait to hear it all! pgnitter

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Very sorry to hear you had a fall in Sicily. I hope familiar surroundings and your larger family can help regain confidence and strength.
    best regards

  7. Oh dear, lacking in appetite in Sicily sounds terrible! I look forward to hearing about dining next to Tancred..

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  9. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I agree with pgnitter. There is weakness and there is weakness. It needs a professional to find out. Might be a simple solution since you have already been checked over. The lack of bone breakage after your fall sounds very encouraging. You are certainly lucky in that respect. But still, be careful. Went to see both Three Billboards and Hostiles. Three Billboards was more “fun” but Hostiles stayed in my head. But maybe just because it was the last one viewed. Chloe

  10. We were greatly disappointed in Three Billboards; the leadup was good, and I would happily watch Frances McD in anything, but it just seemed such a formulaic ending, and a thoroughly unbelievable conversion of Sam Rockwell just left us cold. He is good though, if you have not seen Box of Moonlight, you might enjoy it