Monday, January 22, 2018

I have made some progress with the shawl. I think the 4th border, at least, is more or less all right. (All four are knit in one long row, and the alternate rows are plain knit: so one always starts the exciting rows from the same end.) I’ve knit back, and am ready to try the next pattern row.

I’m doing much better, using Amedro. She lays out her text very helpfully, with occasional useful commas and new lines. It makes a big difference. 

I was held up, earlier this evening, when I found the yarn in a tangle. When the cats tried to help with the knitting, the other evening, they slid it off its cardboard cylinder. I’ve retrieved that, and rewound it – and there’s not all that much to go before this third ball is finished and the progress line in the sidebar can be increased.

But then Perdita came and sat on my lap. Had it been Paradox, I would have pushed her off, as I often do. But Perdita is not a lap cat, and I was touched, and sat there for a while without knitting, to accommodate her.

There still may be time to attempt that next pattern row before I go to bed.


I have signed up for a “Recipe Box”. Do you have them in North America or the Antipodes? They are becoming rather popular here. You choose two or three recipes per week, and they deliver everything you need, so you don’t have half-empty packets of miso hanging about in the refrigerator nor do you have to wonder where to go for wild rice.

I’ve signed on for Mindful Chef which makes a big point of Healthfulness – no bad thing – and which is, apparently, the only one which offers meals for one. I would think the others are missing a trick there.

I am always tempted by KAL’s and yarn clubs, but they never fit into my scheme of life. This may be the answer. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Recipe Box sounds like it is worth a try.
    If not to your taste, then stop.
    Agreed that the single cook should be a big market!
    Your Oliver or Ottolenghi recipes are likely delicious but too large amounts?

    Glad the shawl is on track!

  2. Jean have you heard of ''Wiltshire Farms''? They provide single meals.

    1. I think “Wiltshire Farms” provide an (excellect) range of ready-meals, but not ingredients for cooking your own, which is what I’m after. I could be wrong — it has happened before.

  3. Jean, there are a number of these companies in the US, and you choose the number of meals you want to prepare. We found the variety to be outstanding, and the ingredients were very fresh. You know how hard it is to cook for only 1 or 2 without having lots of leftovers, and with these programs you get exactly what you need to prepare the meal. This means that the cost is very good as compared to going to the grocery and then tossing out uneaten left overs. I hope you enjoy this service.

  4. I have been using a meal service for 3 or 4 years now. I love it (obviously) because I've been cooking dinners for 50 years and I am sick, sick, sick of deciding what to make. I'm am excellent cook but I all done thinking about everyday meals.

    Interestingly, even though the box is more expensive that buying the same ingredients in the store, our food budget went down because we no longer go out to eat. It turns out that we mostly went out because I couldn't bear to think about dinner. Now that there is a dinner waiting to be made in the fridge we stay home.

    I hope it works out as well for you.

  5. I am interested in the recipe box outcome. We do have them here, but I have never tried them. If it gives you any encouragement, I ripped and reknit the same three rounds of the simplest colorwork the other night, making the same error each time. It was even my own pattern! (The Sidekick Hat from Drop Dead Easy Knits) It was a little embarassing, but there was no one around to see.

  6. Anonymous2:16 PM

    Terrific idea - We have a variety of food services in the US . Already made to cook something new or exotic. Have fun with that :) So glad things are working out well with the shawl. Loved your Palermo picture. Tell your grandson thanks from us. Glad to hear Perdita is not so aloof when in need of acknowledgement. Or maybe that's what she thinks of you.
    So what's going on with the remodel plans and do they still include a AGA?

  7. I am a single person who has enjoyed a meal service for 2 persons for two years now. I cook every other night and enjoy leftovers on alternate evenings. If the offering is a cheese sandwich or hamburger, I will cook that part fresh, but I’m afraid I’m lazy even with green salads and fish.