Thursday, May 09, 2019

Despite the NHS having bestowed its seal of approval on most of my internal organs recently, I felt very feeble today and have done little beyond a supermarket sweep. I not only need sock-knitting numbers before I go to Shetland next Tuesday; I also need clean clothes.

Fortunately, I think, Archie has been banished from home tomorrow morning because of two more Viewings (the house is on the market) and he is coming here. Lunch is the attraction. His presence will help me pull myself together.

The scarf progresses.

The new IK turned up yesterday. I like it. I am much drawn to loose-fitting summer-y things in fine-ish yarn, although I don’t think they suit me when actually executed and donned. I am particularly drawn to the Assateague pullover which “features luscious cables in a blend of merino and nettle, a sustainable plant fibre…” You can say that again! The nettle-spinners’ website offers a kit in a delicious variety of colours.

Are we interested in the about-to-be-forthcoming Interweave book called “The Art of Circular Yokes”? I love circular yokes. But I try to abstain, these days, from books which are just collections of patterns.

I am often drawn to the advertisements for, an Irish organisation which even offers tours to Scotland. But they are still advertising this year’s tours.

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