Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Yesterday, the bookies’ favourites for the Royal Baby’s name were “Alexander” and “James”. Bookies are happier, aren’t they, when favourites don’t win? At any rate, the answer is “Archie”. When our Archie was born, I think there was some discussion between his parents as to what to tell them at the Register Office – “Archie” or “Archibald”? I think “Archibald” won, and we will probably hear the answer for the Royal Baby in due course.

A nice young man in Lieth (named “Jamie”) said this morning that my abdominal organs, including the aorta, are in good order. I believed him implicitly, but later in the day began to wonder how he comports himself when he finds something less pleasant in there.

I lay awake worrying about things last night – probably, in fact, worrying about Lieth. Archie came today and we dealt with many of them. We found the street address and the postcode and the telephone number of the b&b towards which I will be bound in Lerwick, and photographed it for my telephone. We found the name and mobile number of the fellow-Adventurer who will be on the ferry with me on Tuesday night, and installed them in my telephone.

I had time, in Lieth, to knit a few stitches of the current travel-sock. It’s getting on down towards the heel flap, and I may need to take not only it but another ball of sock yarn along, I also need to remind myself of my numbers – how deep the ribbing, how many rounds after that before the heel flap, how long the foot. For both men and women, if I am indeed to start another sock while absent.

But I know where those numbers are, and will retrieve them soon. I have also laid out the first page of Sharon Miller's "Spring Shawl" pattern, so that I can choose the yarn for it at Jamieson & Smith. It looks more daunting than ever.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Good news on the medical front.

    I think Archie is a good solid name. And Harrison is 'son of Harry? Did you notice that the number of your followers is now 300?

  2. Oh, I do so want to visit Shetland. I'm glad your appointment went well, Jean.

  3. My father had a cousin who was christened Archibald Keith... When he was about four he discovered that his father didn't like "Archibald" at all. It had been his mother's choice. He reportedly asked if he had another name and was told "Keith". After that he was Keith - but now I wonder why they didn't simply call him "Archie".

  4. I did think of you and your Archie when I read the baby news. Glad the MD appointment went well. If your heart and liver are fine, perhaps more walking is the answer. Like walking in Shetland!! Can you put the numbers on a note in the phone? No matter what I am knitting, I always bring a ball of sock yarn and a set of DPNs as back up.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion to make a phone note for sock numbers. I've done just that for heel turn and my favorite toe pattern. Now it doesn't matter if the little notebook is in the correct knitting bag!

  5. =Tamar5:36 PM

    Speaking of notes to self, perhaps a written copy in your knitting bag would be another safeguard.