Thursday, May 02, 2019

Progress. The first skein of Croft is finished, and the scarf is 20” long. I’ve wound the next skein. That leaves four (plus the white one) – clearly I won’t need them all. I think the scarf would have been too heavy had I made it wider.

Archie and I got a second potato-bag planted today (leaving one to do), and also got to Homebase for some more gardening essentials. My cleaner will be in Romania (whence she hails) for all of August, and I was very glad to learn that Archie won’t be in Greece. He’ll be there for a while, after Joe and Becca’s wedding in July, but only a while, and then back here.

My ill-fated thread in the Ravelry EYF group seems to have vanished altogether. Just as well, I guess.

I’ve done some Italian homework, but it would be as well to go off now and do some more. I probably won’t post again until Sunday evening, after the London visitors leave. Rachel just phoned – her husband Ed has been getting a vegetable patch going. He used to have an allotment. We can (and will) talk about vegetables when they get here tomorrow.


  1. Excellent progress on the knitting. I always find that scarves start off well but then my interest fades before they reach the required length.

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    We will miss you, but have a good time! Chloe

  3. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I always enjoy your descriptions of family visits. To this American, having 'Londoners' for a short stay sounds RAHther elegant:) Have a ball entertaining -
    Your scarf looks scrumptious. My son, for whom I knit a Dr. Who scarf.. says 'make it narrow enough that it can be wrapped three times - showing off its softness but sturdy enough to keep the wind off the neck at the playing field Audience).
    We all love your cup & year scarf and are rooting for the narrower scarf. Please Do show a pic when your done....pgnitter

  4. Vegetable gardening enthusiasts have no shortage to topics! If it doesn’t warm up here, soon, I’ll be putting the potatoes in bags myself. Had 7 stalks of asparagus yesterday, and the strawberries look like it could be a good year. Have fun with the family.