Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Yesterday was Andrew and Andrea. A stellar episode, as so often.

Andrea has learned a neat trick for carrying the Other Colour along the back of the work when the distance is too long for normal catching-in. I trust her tutorial will be permanently available, at least to patrons. It’s a technique borrowed from machine knitting.

We saw a lamb being born, in the Shepherdess section. There was something about Japanese knitting (I think I was dozing there). And the big interview was with Beth Brown Reinsel. At the moment, we were told, she is in China conducting workshops. I had high hopes, a few years ago, that one of James’ and Cathy’s children, all fluent in Mandarin, would be interested enough in knitting to go out into the countryside and write the book we’re still waiting for about Chinese knitting. We’ll see what Brown-Reinsel comes back with.

Is Sharon Miller the only big knitting name, in the US and GB, who stays home and doesn’t teach? I made some progress today with her Spring Shawl. She’s right that this sort of knitting is addictive. I’ve reached the point where the mesh separates to flow left and right up the central triangle, and I have begun to establish the field on which the central pattern will soon appear. We’d better have a picture tomorrow. The Calcutta Cup scarf has slightly advanced as well.


I think the knitting article in yesterday’s (London) Times derived from the one you mention, Mary Lou, in the Wall Street Journal. At least the author of the London one had tried knitting himself.

Kristen, I’ve never hit it off with Inspector Montalbano on the printed page (in either language), although I adore him on television.


The cat situation is essentially unchanged. Should I put out another litter tray for Perdita here in the Catalogue Room? I think she is behaving herself, but I have largely lost the sense of smell and am uneasy.

I have a literary puzzle item to tell you about tomorrow. Be warned, if necessary, to stay away.


  1. I think offering Perita both litter and food of her own is a good idea. Many experts recommend that every cat have a litter box/tray and some even say one per cat plus one. I hope they'll iron out their differences soon.

  2. I agree with kayT. This way Paradox can't bully her from doing her business.

  3. Your poor kitties just missed you. They will sort themselves out. I feel sure of it, so long as you give Perdita a bit of an edge so that she isn't bullied. You are knitting up a storm:)! So much for weak and elderly - not you! Cannot wait to see your literary puzzle. Doubt I will be able to solve it, but will love seeing what the more intelligent of your readership will develop:)!

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Is there a Cat Whisperer out there who can teach Perdita some assertiveness skills? Or give Paradox a good talking to? Unlikely I guess. (Sigh)

  5. wrote a long comment on the previous post. i think separating food place and litter boxes is a good thing... they are both growing and possibly this is a 'teenage' behaviour thing or they are just want their own space. by providing their own space for food and elimination gives them control. i could write much more but i have been thru this with my two (we moved after 12 years and the last year has been stressful for them to get used to a new place and finally they seem to be settling in - with separate food places and separate litter boxes - many rooms apart).

    good luck!

    1. note 1 my cats are not 12 years old but i had lived in my apt 12 years.. it was the home they were born in and grew up they are about 7-8)

      note 2 correction
      'by providing them their own space for food and elimination this will give them a feeling of control.'