Friday, May 10, 2019

Nothing much tonight. I should be doing Italian homework – instead, I’m going straight to bed, very weary. I’ve got a couple of questions for my tutor tomorrow, derived from Il Gattopardo – at what time of day is “pranzo” eaten? Questions are often useful in such situations.

Helen dropped in this afternoon – and found me sound asleep in front of “Pointless” – to say that they have sold their flat, and will be moving to Joppa in June. That’s good news, I guess, but I will miss their proximity.

I have finished reading “Before She Knew Him”, my first book completed in May. One of those books where one goes on reading in full consciousness that it is an unworthy soaker-up of one’s time, the MacGuffin obvious a mile off. Back to “No Name” – I’m about half-way through.

A few more stitches on the scarf. Three more days to get ready for Lerwick. That should be enough. And it’s not the end of the world (= it’s not Catania). If it’s all too much, I can turn around and come back.

I had a nice lunch with Archie today, who continues to press for a trip to Syracuse. I don’t think I had fully realised that that’s where Arethusa emerged.


  1. I was very much taken with that cabled yoke of yesterday - but not with the idea of merino and nettle. Who would even think of such a thing? Lovely colours though.

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Sometimes I think people lay awake nights thinking of unlikely substances to turn into yarn. I have a ball each of yarn that is part mink and part milk. Chloe

  3. The nettle yarn is gorgeous! Knitting with it would make me feel like a fairy tale character, the Wild Swans, who as I recall had to spin nettles and depending on the variation either sew or knit shirts to free her brothers from an evil spell. I haven’t bought any yet, though, so my brothers are still captive...

  4. A wonderful fairy tale and one of my favorites.


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