Wednesday, May 01, 2019

All progresses peacefully. I have nearly finished the first skein of Croft. The tape measure has re-surfaced, I am happy to report – so very soon I will have a fairly accurate estimate of how long the scarf can potentially be. The yardage of this lovely stuff seems to be considerable -- I think I have more than enough for any desirable length. I am grateful to those of you who answered my question as to whether or not to knit the scarf wider than the initial swatch.

Those who answered were unanimous for “wider” – and you were right.

The cables are pulling in, as expected – but of course (even apart from the improvement to be wrought by blocking) the other end will flare out to correspond with the first one. I had thought of knitting in the recipient’s initials there, instead of repeating the half-Calcutta-Cup motif. I had also thought that he might regard that idea as too embarrassing by half, but apparently he likes it, so we’ll go for that.

I remember knitting James’ and Cathy’s daughters’ initials into the lace of a joint First Communion shawl, top-down, and I distinctly remember how fraught an operation it was – to ensure that the initials were the right way up and the right way around. I did it then; I can do it again.

Reading and Life

I went to the supermarket this morning, and am all set to make that Italian lamb stew to be ready for Rachel and Ed when they arrive on Friday evening. I’ve also ensured the presence of plenty of gin and tonic, not a tipple to which I am myself inclined. Helen and her boys will be here too, for supper, I have recently learned. I’ll put extra carrots and potatoes into the stew.

I am pressing forward with Wilkie Collins’ “No Name”. I think I am about a third of the way through. Long way to go.

I ought to do some Italian homework tonight – the lesson has been brought forward to Friday, because of the weekend excitement. But I think I’ll just go to bed instead.


  1. You're an inspiration (on the knitting front among others). I'm having troubles with minor issues and you are putting initials in right way around with no pattern, just doing it. Admirable!

  2. re the initials upside down and reversed - I usually draw them out on squared paper right way up and then rotate the paper 180 degrees to get the chart the desired orientation.

    1. Anonymous6:06 AM

      Me too, Karen.