Thursday, July 02, 2020

All well. Helen came by, after dropping David at the airport, and we got once around the garden, anyway. I hope I will hear tomorrow what his journey was like. Yes, indeed, Shandy, he had surgery not all that long ago, for diverticulitis, and he has had a previous go with atrial fibrillation, too.

Clue no. Two for the Stillness MKAL arrived. It involves the first colour (red, in my case) and some supposedly simple lace. I didn’t find it entirely so.

For one thing, YO’s and decreases are separated. I’m not used to that. Far worse: I got all the way to the end of the first pattern row and discovered that I should have done k6 between each of the two decreases, not k5. I was knitting from the chart, and not paying enough attention. Odd numbers of stitches are far commoner than even numbers – the same applies to Fair Isle.

Could I fudge it? I decided not. So I tinked the row and started again. I am 3 or 4 stitches short of the total I should have. How did that happen? But I think I can introduce the missing stitches unobtrusively. And otherwise all is well.

Two more Alan Bennett Talking Heads. I am beginning to fear we are not going to get a re-make of the Patricia Routledge one I was particularly looking forward to. 


  1. Good that you can fix the stitch count without much trouble! I dread ripping back rows in a lace pattern, as I never seem to get all the stitches picked up in the right place the first time and always end up ripping back another row or two, stitch by stitch.

  2. Do you remember that session with Franklin when he talked about lace with the YOs and decreases separated? I still have the little sample we knitted that day using that technique.

  3. I had to tink back the first row of lace too. I mis-read something too, I guess. I got it back on track but decided to quit for the evening; I hope it gets easier the way the designer promised it would! I am glad to be back with the red color (mine is red too but somewhat dusky). Good luck today.

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I found Talking Heads videos online at Hope this helps. Enjoy your blog very much.

  5. I’m thinking you may have lost a yarn over. That’s easy to do when taking out a row in lace.