Sunday, July 05, 2020

I’m making sourdough to take to Kirkmichael on Tuesday. All is going well, I think. The final shaping and overnight refrigeration remain to be done.

I’ve mislaid my watch. It is of the cheapest, and of no sentimental value, with an honest Arabic face and accurate to a degree that one would have had to pay big bucks for, in my youth. Where could it be? I am distressed.

C. came this morning and we got around the garden twice. Then came virtual coffee among fellow non-Mass-goers. The man who organises it all, and is in charge of Zoom, has asked me to knit him a hat with the Orkney flag. He encloses a sketch, and I think I could do it. I’ll certainly try. I’m terribly pleased to be asked.

Meanwhile the MKAL progresses. I’m doing the next band of stripes, and I agree with you, KayT, that the stripes are the element I mostly dislike. I hope I’ll do a few more this evening, though.


I was delighted by your email, Cynthia, with the link to the old “Woman of No Importance”, and decided to watch it right then, although that meant staying up beyond my bedtime. Alas, it is not available in “your country”. I went to the BBC website and got the same message. It’s good to know that a copy exists, anyway. I tried to reply to your comment but, as happens to so many of us, my words evaporated.

Sarah, this whole “Talking Heads” enterprise is very gloomy – but I think “Woman of No Importance”, if we could but watch it, would perhaps lift the mood slightly. None of the characters are bad people.


  1. Jean, I googled ''woman of no importance'', and found it after scrolling past Wilde's ''A woman of no importance'' there is a video available to watch. I don't haveconfidence to try sharing. hope this helps take care. xx

  2. I haven't worn my watch since the day I stopped going to work back on 17th March! I hope you find yours.

  3. As far as I can tell the Patricia Routledge monologue was stand alone and a precursor to series 1 and series 2 of the original TH series. It is possible to buy The Complete THs 2 series DVD on Amazon but it doesn't include the Patricia R one as it was a precursor. There's a separate Alan Bennett At the BBC DVD which does include what appears to be the one.

  4. How NICE of you to be willing to make a hat for someone who asks.

  5. I have been wearing a watch every day since my first communion, when I received one, and felt very grown up! It distresses me when I forget it, even though I am not terribly punctual.

  6. I found it on You Tube if that works for you

    1. Blocked by the BBC in the UK unfortunately.

  7. Jean ask your grandsons to help you a vpn. They will know what is means and if they don’t email me and I will help. Sogalitno at gmail