Friday, July 24, 2020

Improvement slow but steady. No more paracetamol. C. and I got once around the garden this morning. And I knit three long rows. Only two more, and I’ll be ready for Clue Five. Life looks a bit brighter.

I enjoyed Andrew and Andrea. It’s about machine knitting. I was tempted in my middle years. I don’t think, now, that it would ever have suited. It needs something like a workroom, for one thing. But still, very tempting and very interesting. A good program.

Little else to report. I’ve finished “Pursuit of Love” and started “Love in a Cold Climate” which is perhaps better, but certainly profits from one having read the first one first.

What are the Democrats going to do about their Convention? My nephew Theo is working for them, as I think I told you. He is, in fact, in charge of the Covid-19 aspect of things. But I feel Trump will have wrong-footed them if they now go ahead at all.

We’ve rescheduled Italian for Tuesday. I am currently basking in the freedom of not having it tomorrow, but will soon have to pull myself together.


  1. Well I found "Love in a Cold Climate" for kindle through my library, but not “The Pursuit of Love” Do you think it is better to read them in order?

  2. The Dems had long ago decided to make most of their convention virtual. It's going to be held in Milwaukee, but instead of speakers there will be video presentations.

    "In light of our nation’s continued challenges with the pandemic, we are focused on ensuring that everyone involved with the convention can complete their official business without risk to personal or public health. After consulting with public health officials about the COVID-19 pandemic, convention organizers made the determination that delegates should plan to conduct their official convention business remotely."

  3. I am also tempted by the MKAL that KayT will be doing. I may have the right yarns in my stash (which is all in a pile in my living room as I organize and put it into ziploc bags). Even got 2 1/2 gallon bags for sweater quantities.

    1. Oh good. I don't want to be the only one. Hope we can convince Jean to join us!

    2. Anne C. in Bethesda, MD6:25 PM

      I've joined the Sharon Show, too. I'm usually disappointed by mystery things, but this being designed by a cat holds some promise, I think, if just for the entertainment value, which we all need more of, these days! And I wound up buying yarn for it, since most of my fingering is variegated, I discovered.

  4. =Tamar2:45 PM

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    Whatever would we do without Ziploc bags?

  5. I'm hoping the Dems go virtual unless things turn around in the US soon - sadly, it doesn't appear they will. FWIW I have the Stillness Shawl on my projects to do list but have not started yet. Sigh....

  6. PS So very glad you are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Heartfelt wishes for your continued healing:)!