Sunday, July 19, 2020

I’m much better. It’s time to get moving again. I can sleep lying down – not that getting up is easy or comfortable, but I’ve worked out a system and I can do it. Archie is still here – going home tomorrow – and his presence has been a great comfort although in fact he hasn’t had much to do except occasional shopping. I will wear my falls alarm conscientiously once he’s gone.

I’ve knit a few more of those long, long rows. Maybe I can step things up tomorrow and finish Clue 4 by Wednesday?

As to reading, thank you for your excellent advice, Mary Lou, to avoid gloom for the moment. The first thing I thought of was an old fave, Molly Keane’s “Good Behaviour”. I’ve re-read it. It’s not nearly as cheerful as I remembered.

I have now resorted to Trollope. My first attempt was “The Bertrams”. It was on my iPad. The beginning is familiar. I don’t mind re-reading. I don’t mind starting again with something which has previously defeated me. But I don’t like not knowing which I am attempting to do. So I have switched to “Ralph the Heir” which I am confident is new territory.

I’ve got flowers on one of the climbing beans on my doorstep, and the avocado tree is going from strength to strength. Pictures tomorrow, even if there will be no knitting worth including.


  1. Good to hear from you again. Keep getting better.

  2. Glad you are hurting less, and glad you are taking care.
    Yes, those long rows of Clue 4 are ... long, aren't they. I hope Clue 5 will bring some lace or something in Color A. If I remember correctly yours is in the red family, as is mine. Have we ever seen Marilyn's colors? Inquiring minds want to know. Mine can be seen on Ravelry; I am kayT there too.

  3. Finished clue4. Ismiles dot jean at googlemail dot com still your email? I can send you a picture.

  4. So glad to hear you are in less pain!

  5. I think I recall that you are not a Dicken's fan, Jean, but as I tried to think of two books that made me laugh out loud, there was Our Mutual Friend, and then Huckleberry Finn. I decided to reread Huck Finn and for the life of me cannot imagine why it is considered a book for children, just because the main character is a child. I was reading it on the bus and was drawing attention to myself while snorting over "The Duke and the Dauphin." Maybe it's time for more Waugh!

  6. I reached a similar conclusion about reading a few days ago--cheerful is best for now, so I decided to reread an old favorite. I have been dismayed to find that it has not aged well at all. Happy to hear you are on the mend.