Friday, July 03, 2020

More rain. The plants love it. C. came and we got once around the garden. Wee Hamish is eight weeks old today.

I am knitting frantically on Clue Two (of the Stillness Shawl MKAL) in the hopes of finishing by Monday so that I can go to Kirkmichael with the EPS and a clear conscience on Tuesday. This whole business is really a bit silly, but it is a wonderful spur to getting some knitting done.

I visited the Ravelry group. Lots of people seem to find themselves a stitch or two short after the most recent increase row. Why should that be? Not many, however, were as short as I was. I’ve nearly caught up, adding a stitch here and there.

No, Shandy, I don’t remember Franklin talking to us about YO’s separate from their decreases in lace knitting. I would say I remember the day pretty well, but not that. (Shandy and I, who had not met previously, signed up for classes Franklin was teaching at Loop in London. We met at the nearby subway station, and recognised each other without difficulty. It was a very happy day.)


David had a straightforward trip back to Thessaloniki, in an uncrowded plane. No fuss about re-entry to Greece. He changed planes in Amsterdam, but that can’t have disguised his essential Britishness.

I had a look at forthcoming Alan Bennetts in BBC iPlayer (thank you, Shar), and it would appear that the one I had remembered and had been so looking forward to, isn’t there. I’ll keep hoping until the series is over, however.


  1. Was the Patricia Routledge one not the one Imelda Staunton did - the letter writer?
    In the session with Franklin he had us knit a little sample of a lace pattern - he provided the yarn. What I also remember is pecan pie being brought in, but since we did not break for coffee we did not get to taste it. Funny the things one remembers.

  2. The baby I made the Hansel Hap for turned 8 weeks recently - I still haven't been able to meet her, because of the pandemic. Fortunately her Dad sends me photographs regularly, while we all wait for safer times.