Thursday, August 12, 2021


I have given in to the general pressure and made an appt to see a dr. I will go in tomorrow for “bloods”. The actual appt is next week.


That pretty well represents my achievement for today. No walking, even. I felt particularly weak. Helen came by and did some useful chores.


Shandy, I keep forgetting to mention that Lionel Shriver (“We Need to Talk About Kevin” and many others) wrote in the Times last Saturday about that book you mentioned, “Trans”. Her point was mostly to deplore the venom with which the subject is so often discussed. They haven’t printed a syllable of comment on the letters page since – I can’t believe they haven’t received any.


  1. Yes, I saw the article and agreed with her conclusion, about trying to deny something as fundamental as biological sex. I hope that you are staying off the hooch, Jean, especially in warmer weather.

  2. =Tamar8:03 PM

    If possible, ask whether they will test for percentages of red and white blood cells.

    I heard that often testing agencies are required to only do, and report, standard tests even if they notice something else wrong.