Tuesday, August 17, 2021


Weavenfool, I’m not at all sure that I’m strong enough to meet the minimum cruise requirements. I’m going to try. All I’ve really got to do is get up and down a few flights of stairs. I can then lounge about knitting and reading my book while the rest of them stride through the heather. I didn’t get out today. I was expecting a parcel (a stripey shirt from Mother of Pearl, expensive and entirely unnecessary). All they would tell me was that it would be here today, before the end of play. (Remember when we used to go to a shop and choose something and pay for it and take it home?) Helen came early – it would have been safe to go out then, but I wasn’t yet fully activated.


In fact, the shirt came at lunch time, so I’ve had a nice nap. And it fits and looks nice.


Now all I need is the Coofle kit, and there are three more days for it to arrive on. Mary Lou, the dr’s appt at which I will learn the results of my “bloods” is on Thursday morning.


I’ve finished the heel flap of that sock, and am half-way around the heel itself. Not much but something.


There was a brief item on the mid-day news today about hoarding. What else is Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy? (SABLE) The one comfort is that stash does get used up, very slowly compared to the rate at which it comes in, but at least something occasionally goes out.


Tamar, that is a good idea, to get a key chain for my needle gauge when I find it. I could put it through the largest hole – I never knit with anything beyond the middle range. But then what? I don’t carry a knitting bag. I would need to find something to attach it to. But perhaps….


I’ve been listening to an interesting podcast while I knit, about a little girl who disappeared 41 years ago in rural Ireland. Mary Boyle. The podcast is well done, and the Irish voices are pleasant to listen to. (Go to BBC Sounds and search for “Kevin Connolly”.) But for heaven’s sake – Robert Black was in the vicinity at the time. Not much mystery.




  1. I have seen that podcast mentioned. Now that I have a recommendation, I will check it out.

  2. =Tamar4:19 PM

    "They" tell us to be prepared for emergencies, to have a supply of necessary items, and then shout the new hate-word, 'hoarder' at anyone who does. Do they tell artists to buy only one tube of paint at once? Cabinetmakers to buy one packet of nails at a time, and throw away any left over after each item? I admit that having a supply can go too far, but the scientific establishment is always announcing a fresh re-evaluation of something they've had in storage for decades. Harrumph.
    Congratulations on forging ahead with the sock.
    Don't you only use a knitting gauge when choosing needles, not during the working? Perhaps it could hang on a dedicated hook inside the cupboard where your needles are kept.